Top 10 Best and Most Inspiring People in Indonesia

Top 10 Best and Most Inspiring People In Indonesia

Today, we will share with you the Top 10 Best and Most Powerful and Inspiring People in Indonesia. We have always seen Indonesia as a biodiverse archipelago located at the cross path of the Indian and Pacific oceans. We consider it the largest island country by landmass. Also, it hosts the 4th largest population with more than 17,000 islands. The country has become a leading giant in areas such as tourism, with Bali as its crown jewel. Consistently, it remains at the top spot for global palm oil production.

Indonesia has come leaps and bounds since it gained independence in 1945. As we witness, its resilient people etched its way into the G20 as the only Southeastern Asian country. Moreover, it continues to have an abundance of natural resources at hand. This is effective when combined with the right political and social setup. Due to this, we believe that Indonesia is enjoying an economic boom with definitely no fallback in the near future.

We have shared enough about the country. Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at its inspirational people. Here is a list of the top 10 best and most inspiring people in Indonesia:

TOP 10: Susi Pudjiastuti

Top 10 Best And Most Inspiring People In Indonesia
Image Source: Tempo

Breaking a lot of stereotypes and having many firsts under her belt is Susi Pudjiastuti. We may all have witnessed as she rose to quick fame and gained immense respect from her country. She is one of the most famous female leaders in Indonesia.

As a successful businesswoman, she aided in increasing exports to neighboring and faraway countries. Also, she manages a charter airline named Susi. But, her real rise to fame came after her ministry. Often deemed eccentric and humble, she managed to nestle herself into people’s hearts.

TOP 9: Muhammad Luthfi bin Yahya

Top 10 Best And Most Inspiring People In Indonesia
Image Source: nahdlatululama

Maulana Al-Habib Muhammad Luthfi Ali bin Yahya is an Islamic preacher. He is more lovingly known as Habib Luthfi by most people and has been praised for maintaining religious harmony. As we checked, he hails from Pekalongan, Central Java.

As Indonesia boasts the largest Muslim population globally, it is no surprise that it holds its cleric very highly. Moreover, Habib Luthfi’s influence doesn’t end here. In 2017, he was listed in the Top 50s during the annual publication of the 500 Most Influential Muslims worldwide. Currently, we see him as a member of the Indonesian presidential advisory since 2019.

TOP 8: Rudy Hartono

Top 10 Best And Most Inspiring People In Indonesia
Image Source: Badminton Planet

Rudy Hartono was one of the greatest badminton players ever in this world. We have heard people say that he is an inspiration for all young badminton aspirants. Being the third among eight siblings, Rudy was destined to be an athlete. This was when he started showing interest in various sports.

He was known to be the youngest champion of the Thomas Cup at the age of 18. Also, he holds a gob-smacking eight wins in the All-England Tournament. The said event made his name in the Guinness Book of World Records. Presently, we see him as the goodwill ambassador of the UNDP.

TOP 7: Ciliandra Fangiono

Top 10 Best And Most Inspiring People In Indonesia
Image Source: liputan6

Ciliandra Fangiono was listed as one of the youngest billionaires in Indonesia. He quickly rose to fame when he took control of his father’s company, First Resources. From there on, the company, under his leadership, has enjoyed immense success.

Also, he is an economic scholar from Cambridge. He worked in the banking sector for a while. This is before formally joining his father’s company. As of now, he still holds the title of being the youngest billionaire from Indonesia since 2012.

TOP 6: Susi Susanti

Top 10 Best And Most Inspiring People In Indonesia
Image Source: Medium

Rudy Hartono was not the only one who made remarkable feats in badminton. Susi Susanti also brings many accolades under her belt. She was highly successful during her badminton career. She holds the title of being the only female ever to hold Olympic, World Championship, and All-England singles titles.

All these at the same time. If that wasn’t enough, she is also widely known for being the first-ever athlete to bring a gold medal home. This, she rightfully earned in the 1992 Olympics. Susi Susanti is in 6th place in our list of the top 10 best and most inspiring people in Indonesia.

TOP 5: Joey Alexander

Top 10 Best And Most Inspiring People In Indonesia
Image Source: Jazz

Turning towards the inborn and young talent of Indonesia, the name of Joey Alexander tops the list. He was born in Denpasar, Bali, to jazz-loving parents. He was introduced to the world of music since he was a child.

Citing it as a “gift from God,” Alexander soon taught himself to play the piano at the age of 6. In 2013, when he was just 11 years old, he released his debut album, “My Favourite Things.” It became an instant hit and was the first-ever album by an Indonesian artist to debut on Billboard Top 200. It peaks at number 59. Also, he won the Grand Prix at the 2013 Master Jam-fest when he was 9 years old.

TOP 4: Agnes Monica

Top 10 Best And Most Inspiring People In Indonesia
Image Source: CNA Lifestyle

Continuing our entertainment spree, another artist who has found great commercial success is Agnes Monica. She is better known as Agnes Mo by her avid fans. She debuted as a child artist, and she has released a couple of child albums that were widely acclaimed.

As a grown-up, she continued her music-making. Then, she continued to release five more albums which were also very successful. Moreover, she has starred in multiple TV series and presented herself in several TV shows. In 2017, she was named the wealthiest artist with an estimated net worth of 16 million USD. She is also presently the singer that holds the most awards and accolades.

TOP 3: Anjasmara Prasetya

Top 10 Best And Most Inspiring People In Indonesia
Image Source: wowkeren

A widely famous model turned actor, Anjasmara started as a teen model and gradually transitioned into the TV industry. He is widely known for his role in highly successful soap operas like Romi, Juli, and Si Cecil. In 2017, he became the richest Indonesian actor, with an estimated net worth of about 15 million USD.

TOP 2: Michael Bambang Hartono

Top 10 Best And Most Inspiring People In Indonesia
Image Source: seword

The robust economic giants Micheal Hartono and his brother Robert Budi Hartono are a force to be reckoned with. In 1959, they inherited a small cigarette factory after their father’s untimely demise. Under their supervision, the factory grew to be one of the largest producers and exporters of cigarettes.

This made Djarum the 3rd largest producer of clove cigarettes in the world. An immense part of their wealth comes from heavy investments and shareholding in the Bank of Central Asia. According to Forbes, his net worth is a whopping 19 Billion USD. This makes him the richest Indonesian as of now.

TOP 1: President Joko Widodo

Top 10 Best And Most Inspiring People In Indonesia
Image Source: CNN Indonesia

Not so surprisingly, the person who is first on our list of the top 10 best and most inspiring people in Indonesia is Joko Widodo. He is the 7th and the current president of Indonesia. But contrary to his predecessors, he did not belong to an elite or military background. He started his humble beginnings with his grandfather’s furniture factory. He soon pushed the business and broke into the European markets.

In 2002, he was the company’s Chairman and took heed from his European counterparts. He began his political career, which spans almost two decades. Then, he started by being elected as the mayor of his hometown Surakarta. In 2012, he became the mayor of metropolitan Jakarta. In the 2014 election, he was nominated by his party as the presidential candidate, which he won. A reelection followed it in 2019, which he also won.

Being the head of the most populous Muslim nation, President Joko Widodo was listed as number 13 in the top 500 Influential Muslims in the World. All this, we could say that Joko Widodo is the most influential person in Indonesia.

Who are the Most Inspiring People in Indonesia?

Well, there we have it! Indonesia is a world in itself and is on track to become a modern welfare state. Again, below is our top 10 list of the best and most inspiring people in Indonesia:

  1. President Joko Widodo
  2. Michael Bambang Hartono
  3. Anjasmara Prasetya
  4. Agnes Monica
  5. Joey Alexander
  6. Susi Susanti
  7. Ciliandra Fangiono
  8. Rudy Hartono
  9. Muhammad Luthfi bin Yahya
  10. Susi Pudjiastuti

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