Top 10 Best and Most Popular Cheap Hotels in South Africa (Updated)

Top 10 Best and Most Popular Cheap Hotels in South Africa (Updated)

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Top 10 Best And Most Popular Cheap Hotels In South Africa (Updated) 595
Top 10 Best And Most Popular Cheap Hotels In South Africa (Updated) 597
Top 10 Best And Most Popular Cheap Hotels In South Africa (Updated) 599

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Jo S., Faheem H., and Marc T.

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Top 10 Best And Most Popular Cheap Hotels In South Africa (Updated) 595
Top 10 Best And Most Popular Cheap Hotels In South Africa (Updated) 597
Top 10 Best And Most Popular Cheap Hotels In South Africa (Updated) 599

Jo S., Faheem H., and Marc T.

Do you know the Top 10 Best & Highest-Paying In-Demand Jobs in South Africa? In the same vein, the Most Popular Cheap Hotels In South Africa also talks about what you will find when you visit the nation of South Africa and you need to remember them. So today, in the World’s #1 Source of Research-Based Content, The Daily Top 10, we are going to bring to light a serious topic, the Top 10 Best and Most Popular Cheap Hotels In South Africa.

South Africa offers a variety of excellent and popular cheap hotels that cater to budget-conscious travelers. Similar to the Top 10 Best & Most Popular Places to Visit in France, and the Top 10 Reasons Why We Celebrate National Pizza Day, Best and Most Popular Cheap Hotels in South Africa is an exclusive compilation of the top 10 news topics related to the hotel Industry, featuring all the comfortable features they have to make their guest feel at home whenever they visit.

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So, in this article, we will itemize the Best and Most Popular Cheap Hotels In South Africa. But before that, go through the Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers to Visit in Mexico.

What is the Best and Most Popular Cheap Hotel in South Africa?

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If you are planning a trip to South Africa on a budget, there are plenty of cheap hotels to choose from. But with so many options, how do you know which ones are the best and most popular? So, we’ll be showcasing the Top 10 Best and Most Popular Cheap Hotels in South Africa.

This will help us to have an insight into the nature of the Hotel business and make an accurate prediction of future happenings in the world of hospitality. So, pack your bags, grab your passport, and let’s get started! For your additional knowledge, check out the Top 10 Oldest and Most Popular Restaurants in the World.

Before we identify the Best and Most Popular Cheap Hotel in South Africa, let’s check out the rest of the other hotels now!


Backpack & Africa Travel Centre (Cape Town)

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Backpack & Africa Travel Centre in Cape Town is an eco-friendly backpackers’ hostel that specializes in affordable, sustainable accommodations for travelers. Proportal says their commitment to environmental preservation shines through with numerous eco-friendly initiatives around their premises. Guests may select dormitory or private rooms built with sustainability in mind for maximum guest convenience.

Backpack & Africa Travel Centre is an ideal option for budget travelers who prioritize environmental impact while staying on their trip. In addition to its eco-focus, this hostel also features various amenities to enrich the guest’s stay. The swimming pool serves as an oasis in an otherwise hot city and allows travelers to meet other like-minded travelers in relaxation or networking situations.


Urban Hive Backpackers (Durban)

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Urban Hive Backpackers, located in the lively city of Durban, is a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking affordable and comfortable accommodations. This hostel offers a range of lodging options, including dormitory beds and private rooms, catering to the diverse preferences of its guests. For those seeking social interactions and a lively atmosphere, the shared dormitories are a perfect choice. They allow travelers to connect with fellow guests, exchange stories, and make new friends.

On the other hand, if guests prefer a more private and secluded experience, the hostel also offers private rooms, providing solitude and an opportunity for cost savings. One of the standout features of Urban Hive Backpackers is its communal kitchen. This facility allows guests to prepare their own meals, which can significantly reduce expenses compared to eating out. Hostel World added that the communal kitchen fosters an inclusive and interactive environment, where travelers from different backgrounds can come together, share recipes, and engage in vibrant conversations.


Garden Court Morningside Sandton (Johannesburg)

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Garden Court Morningside Sandton in Sandton, Johannesburg offers budget travelers comfortable rooms and an array of amenities at an attractive rate, making this hotel an excellent choice. According to Southern Sun, all guest rooms at Garden Court Morningside Sandton feature contemporary designs to provide restful stays – ideal whether traveling for business or pleasure in Johannesburg! Garden Court Morningside Sandton makes visiting Johannesburg more pleasurable while still remaining cost-effective accommodation options.

One of the highlights of this hotel is its swimming pool, providing guests with an oasis of serenity away from city noise and stress. Visitors can relax by the waterside as they take a dip, creating moments of serenity and rejuvenation. Furthermore, this property also features an on-site restaurant so guests can easily order delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals without hassle or inconvenience during their stay.


StayEasy Cape Town City Bowl (Cape Town)

Image Source: Southern Sun

StayEasy Cape Town City Bowl Hotel is an excellent choice for travelers seeking comfortable accommodation at affordable rates in the Cape Town City Bowl area. The hotel prioritizes guest satisfaction by providing thoughtfully designed rooms that ensure a pleasant and convenient stay experience. After a day of exploring the vibrant city of Cape Town, guests can find cozy spots within their rooms to relax and unwind. According to Southern Sun, one of the standout features of StayEasy Cape Town City Bowl is its inviting swimming pool.

This amenity offers a refreshing escape where guests can take a dip and soak up the South African sun. It provides an ideal setting for relaxation and rejuvenation, allowing travelers to unwind and recharge. Additionally, the hotel offers a complimentary breakfast to kick start each morning in style. This ensures that guests have a nourishing and satisfying start to their day, providing them with the energy they need to explore the captivating attractions of Cape Town City Bowl.


Carnival Court Backpackers (Cape Town)

Long Street Cafe
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Carnival Court Backpackers go beyond just providing affordable accommodations. It prides itself on creating a lively social atmosphere that encourages guests to connect with fellow travelers worldwide. The communal spaces, such as the cozy lounge area and the vibrant bar, serve as fantastic places to meet new people and share travel stories. The staff at Carnival Court Backpackers are known for their warm hospitality and are always ready to assist guests with any inquiries or recommendations.

Whether you’re looking for the best local restaurants, the top cultural attractions, or the most exciting events happening in Cape Town, the friendly staff will be more than happy to provide valuable insights and help you make the most of your visit. In addition to its social atmosphere, Carnival Court Backpackers offers convenient amenities to enhance your stay. Agoda says that there is a fully equipped communal kitchen where you can prepare your own meals, helping you save even more money on dining out.


Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport (Cape Town)

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Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport offers a convenient and affordable option for budget travelers seeking accommodation near Cape Town International Airport. The hotel provides comfortable rooms specifically designed to make your stay hassle-free. With easy access to the airport terminals, you can enjoy a seamless travel experience, ensuring a stress-free arrival and departure.

Clhg opines that the rooms at Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport are carefully designed to provide a comfortable and straightforward stay. The hotel understands the needs of travelers who value proximity to the airport without compromising on comfort. With its budget-friendly rates, this hotel offers an attractive and cost-effective solution for those looking for accommodation near Cape Town International Airport.


Once in Cape Town (Cape Town)

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Once in Cape Town is an affordable accommodation option that caters to travelers on a tight budget. Offering various room and dormitory sizes suited for individual or group stays – as well as comfortable private room options, Once offers stylish yet budget-friendly options at every stay. One of the defining elements of this hostel is its elegant bar, offering guests a welcoming place to unwind and meet other like-minded travelers from across the globe.

Boasting an engaging ambiance with drinks from all corners of the globe available at reasonable prices – its lively environment invites socialization. Designed as an oasis after exploring city sights, it offers refreshments from across its wide menu while serving cocktails & beverages to help visitors relax after long days exploring & discovering something new. Agoda believes that its lively environment provides great relief and a social gathering spot with fellow like-minded travelers from everywhere!


BIG Backpackers (Cape Town)

Image Source: African Travels

The B.I.G Backpackers hostel, in Cape Town, is widely recognized for providing budget travelers with an enjoyable social atmosphere at an economical rate. Offering both dormitory rooms and private rooms at reasonable rates to suit various preferences and budgets; solo travelers as well as groups have convenient accommodation options that won’t break the bank! As described by Agoda, their communal facilities foster an inclusive feeling among their guests that encourages community spirit within each guest stay at The B.I.G Backpackers hostel.

From communal kitchens where guests can prepare their own meals to cozy lounges and outdoor spaces perfect for socializing and meeting fellow travelers, The B.I.G Backpackers creates an inviting and lively environment for its guests. Situated within Cape Town’s lively energy, its proximity to iconic attractions like Table Mountain, gorgeous beaches, vibrant food scenes, and nightlife scenes all ensure guests will find everything they need during their visit to this captivating backpacker.


Formula 1 Hotels (Johannesburg Central)

Image Source: Trivago

Formula 1 Hotel Johannesburg Central is a great choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking a pleasant and hassle-free stay without exceeding their budget. The hotel offers basic yet clean and cozy rooms that are thoughtfully designed to cater to essential guest needs, without unnecessary frills or extravagant amenities. The hotel understands the importance of affordability and therefore focuses on providing comfortable accommodations at reasonable rates.

This allows guests to enjoy a comfortable stay without overspending on unnecessary luxuries. One of the major advantages of choosing Formula 1 Hotel Johannesburg Central is its excellent location in the vibrant city center of Johannesburg. Lets Book Hotel believes that this convenient location grants easy access to bustling markets, cultural landmarks, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Guests can effortlessly explore the local attractions, experience the rich culture of Johannesburg, and enjoy the exciting nightlife in the vicinity of the hotel.


Road Lodge Southgate (Johannesburg)

Image Source: South African Hotels

Road Lodge Southgate in Johannesburg, South Africa presents an affordable accommodation option for travelers who desire comfort without straining their budget. With its well-designed rooms that exude a welcoming atmosphere, guests are guaranteed a pleasant stay. Additionally, South African Hotels added that complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity is provided to ensure that visitors can stay connected and informed throughout their time at the lodge.

Accordingly, Road Lodge Southgate is the Best and Most Popular Cheap Hotel in South Africa. To make traveling with a vehicle more convenient for guests exploring Johannesburg’s vibrant city or conducting business, Road Lodge Southgate offers reliable and cost-effective lodging solutions. Moreover, the lodge provides ample parking facilities, further enhancing the overall experience for every adventure-seeking individual.

What are the Best and Most Popular Cheap Hotels in South Africa?

Cheap Hotel
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If you’re planning a visit on a budget, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Best and Most Popular Cheap Hotels in South Africa. These affordable accommodations offer comfortable rooms and convenient amenities, ensuring you can explore and enjoy all that South Africa has to offer without breaking the bank.

These establishments provide comfortable accommodations without compromising on quality or service. From cozy guest rooms to modern amenities, these hotels ensure a pleasant stay while keeping costs affordable. So, you can dive into the list and find the perfect budget-friendly hotel for your stay!

The following are the Top 10 Best and Most Popular Cheap Hotels In South Africa:

  1. Road Lodge Southgate (Johannesburg)
  2. Formula 1 Hotel (Johannesburg Central)
  3. BIG Backpackers (Cape Town)
  4. Once (Cape Town)
  5. Road Lodge (Cape Town )
  6. Carnival Court Backpacks (Cape Town)
  7. StayEasy (Cape Town City Bowl)
  8. Garden Court Morningside Sandton (Johannesburg)
  9. Urban Hive Backpackers (Durban)
  10. Backpack & Africa Travel Centre (Cape Town)

Whether you’re exploring the bustling cities, venturing into the wild beauty of nature reserves, or enjoying the coastal regions, these Top 10 Cheap Hotels in South Africa are an excellent choice for those seeking affordable and enjoyable lodging options. If you enjoyed reading this article, we have plenty more articles such as the Top 10 Oldest and Most Popular Restaurants in Canada and the Top 10 Traditional Foods to Serve During Isra’ and Mi’raj Night from our Travel, Food, and Drinks  category. So, read and enjoy!


Top 10 Best And Most Popular Cheap Hotels In South Africa (Updated)


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