Top 10 Best & Most Popular Places to Visit in Vietnam (Updated)

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Places to Visit in Vietnam (Updated)

Today, we share with you the Top 10 Best & Most Popular Places to Visit in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a habitat of rich greenery, forested mountains, bustling cities, and Buddhist Pagodas. It is like a nest where every bird dreams of hatching. Ultra-polite people, beautiful markets, and delicious food make up the S-shaped country. Definitely, Vietnam is a suitable choice for tourism. Although Vietnam is subsequently narrow and long, it has a wide range of customers, traditions, and destinations deeply embedded within to amaze us. As it is a Southeast Asian country and resides within the South China Sea and Cambodia, it has diversity in every element rolled in every corner.

However, we decided to unwrap it and thus present to you the top 10 most loved and appreciated places anyone has to visit in Vietnam.

TOP 10: Dalat

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Vietnam
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Dalat is a beautiful city in Vietnam that has lush pine trees and beautiful valleys. Its dreamy, colorful scenery is totally the perfect depiction. Emperors and French colonial once used it because of the royalty and idyllic location it possesses. It’s a perfect land for friends, family, and newlyweds to pay a visit. It is also for people who want to escape the heat and enter the ancient paradise with its mild misty weather.

A walk amidst the thoughtful and beautifully constructed gigantic colorful buildings and Buddhist pagodas is a dream to many. For tourists, palaces are open for the visit along with crowded markets with everything to offer at relatively cheaper rates. A showcase of nectar full of beautiful flowers, sweet fruits, and raw vegetables is often set up at Dalat.

TOP 9: My Son

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Vietnam
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My Son is actually a city, once taken in very high regard of religion. Many religious ceremonies were held here for centuries, and often for many centuries, it was home to many emperors and Kings of the Champa Kingdom. The city has many temples allotted to worship built between the 4th to 14th centuries, according to the old architecture with carvings on the bricks holding the foundation of very meticulous and thoughtfully built worship places.

Museums, temples, and restaurants are also some of the tourist attractions. Also, the Champa dance is a must when in My Son. Furthermore, hiking and rock climbing are other activities you can enjoy here.

TOP 8: Phu Quoc

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Vietnam
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For beach and island lovers, Phu Quoc is a destination of heaven. It is an island in the Gulf of Thailand located nearer to Cambodia. It contains dense jungles, luscious greenery, mild weather, and a bamboo hut. This island was once a French missionary base but became a picnic spot solely for people as it officially became a public place.

Although public places are often prone to destruction and dirty seas, Phu Quoc has come a long way in terms of maintaining such a beautiful environment. Along with sandy and muddy beaches, anyone can do tracking, snorkeling, trekking, and freely roam to nearby villages while visiting the fishing communities. A day spent on this island will be totally wholesome and fun-filled.

TOP 7: Ho Chi Minh City

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Vietnam
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Saigon is the biggest city in Vietnam. It is once known as the capital of Vietnam. Although, it has everything proper to be still called the capital. Furthermore, it is a mix of temples, markets, malls, lakes, parks, and many more.

Also, it has a Saigon sky deck which initially gives the view of the widest city. It has a perfectly built-in military headquarters and some tunnels made during the Vietnam war. Independence Palace is also a renowned spot as it has a huge history connected to it to amuse its tourists.

TOP 6: Mekong Delta

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Vietnam
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Also called the rice bowl, Mekong City is a floating city in Vietnam. There is a dense network of waterways and extra-rich soil, so it’s best for agriculture. Here are fields of all raw food substantials ranging from fruits, vegetables, rice, and many more available from those extraordinary trees and fields. So, a boat trip to one of these waterways with fruits and vegetables dangling sideways will surely be an adventure of a lifetime.

TOP 5: Nha Trang

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Vietnam
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If you like going to the beach, Nha Trang is the best fit. It is a famous seaside resort situated in Vietnam, giving you a good atmosphere with all extravaganza. Activities like scuba-diving and cruising are fully available here. When the sun goes down, the city’s nightlife is, according to the vibe of everyone, and, as yet, very wild. Of course, nobody hates parties in front of beaches. So, if you are a party animal, then Nha Trang is definitely a place for you.

TOP 4: Sapa

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Vietnam
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A foggy, misty city tracing its line to China is Sapa in Vietnam. It is pretentiously looking a lot like a steamy and excellent city. The Sapa is raw, natural, appealing, and effortless. It is what it is as it is a fully enclosed city with dark-looking mountains presenting the beauty of all the world. It is 1500 meters in altitude level.

In addition, there is plenty of beauty and natural landscape to enjoy activities like tracking, and rock climbing, adding to the bag of tourists. It has a museum, Gothic Church, landscapes, man-made bazaars, and hotels, among others which are favorites by many.

TOP 3: Hue

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Vietnam
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In previous years, Hue was famous and was called Panduranga of the Cham Kingdom. It is located in the center of Vietnam and played a major role in Vietnam War as thousands of people were slain there if they turned out to be partially biased toward the south.

But now, all is well, peaceful, quiet, and calm. Currently, the town is split into two parts by the Perfume river. This whole city possesses the charm and elements of recent modernism and chicness. Thien Mu Pagoda is the city’s prominent symbol, along with the Forbidden Purple City, the Thai Hoa Palace, and Ngo Mon gate.

TOP 2: Hoi An

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Vietnam
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One of the many favorites is this little, quirky, cutest town, Hoi An. It is located at the mouth of Danang and is literally within walking distance of some hot water baths. Every building in this city is painted with beautiful colors and adorned with a wide variety of lanterns hung on every step. It surely gives a beautiful sight for sore eyes. Prominent destinations include Chinese temples, spa deals, and the Japanese Covered Bridge.

TOP 1: Hanoi

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions To Visit In Vietnam
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Hanoi is first on our list of the Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Vietnam. Vietnam’s capital is the biggest and the most chaotic filled city. It influences the world, particularly French and Sino-Vietnamese. This city is high on energy and very hyperactive. It has restaurants, cafés, and markets, and all are quite bustling. Ideal locations include Legend Beer, Hoãn Kiém late, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, and Ho Chí Minh Mausoleum.

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Places to Visit in Vietnam

  • Hanoi
  • Hoi An
  • Hue
  • Sapa
  • Nha Trang
  • Mekong Delta
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phu Quoc
  • My Son
  • Dalat

To sum it up, the rounded list of all the amazing cities of Vietnam to visit is no less than others. Each of them competes to be the best attraction for tourism. So, after passing through the immense difficulty of selection, these are the best for a visit. If you’re interested in traveling more and think that Thailand is your next destination, then feel free to check out our list of the Top 10 Best and Most Popular Places to Visit in Thailand. Enjoy!

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