Top 10 Best and Safest Airlines in Asia (Updated)

Top 10 Best and Safest Airlines in Asia (Updated)

The airline industry has been shifting from the traditional model of air travel to a more flexible and advanced system. The new model of air travel is now focused on offering passengers more choice, flexibility, and comfort during their trips.

Top 10 Best And Safest Airlines In Asia
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This means that many different types of airlines in Asia and the world are available to you today. Some are based on budget airlines, while some are based on luxury airlines. Some other airlines even specialize in providing business-class flights with food and drinks included, while others specialize in providing cheap flights for students or families.

What is the Best and Safest Airline in Asia?

Are you looking for the best and safest among all airlines in Asia? Well, before we get to that, let’s look into our team’s research of our list of the Top 10 Best and Safest Airlines in Asia. The list is based on customer satisfaction and reliability, combining feedback directly received from the public and feedback received from experts.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover them below!

TOP 10: Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific, Top 10 Best And Safest Airlines In Asia
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Cathay Pacific is 10th in our research as one of the best and safest airlines in Asia. This is after being named the “Most Secure Airline in Asia.” by J.D. Power and Associates’ Annual Safety Perception Survey, which measures passenger satisfaction with airlines in the region.

The survey measures overall satisfaction with safety, but it also measures specific concerns—like whether passengers feel they are safe when flying Cathay Pacific. The survey also gauges whether they feel they are treated with respect by airline staff and whether they believe that safety procedures are followed during flights.

The survey found that Cathay Pacific has an overall satisfaction rating of 498 out of 500—significantly higher than any other airline on the continent. In addition to its reputation for safety, the airline also offers a wide range of services that make flying more comfortable for passengers—including free WiFi connectivity on all planes and free movies served up at every seat during take-off and landing.

TOP 9: EVA Air

Eva Air, Top 10 Best And Safest Airlines In Asia
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EVA Air, the airline that’s safe for your heart, is also a safe airline. This airline has had a few issues in recent years, but they’ve been able to turn it around. They’re now considered one of the safest airlines in Asia, continuing to improve their safety record.

They have a good reputation for taking care of their passengers and offering a safe flight experience. The company has been around since 1989 and has grown into one of the largest airlines in Asia. They have a total of 90 fleets serving their passengers.

TOP 8: Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways, Top 10 Best And Safest Airlines In Asia
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Etihad Airways is one of the best and safest airlines in Asia and the world. The airline has a long history and has been operating flights for over 23 years to more than 120 destinations in 84 countries across five continents and has a fleet of more than 81 aircraft.

The airline uses its aircraft and employs its pilots, cabin crew members, and engineers. Etihad Airways also offers a range of services such as in-flight entertainment systems on board, etc. The company also offers connecting flights at airports in other countries without direct flights to your destination city. This is an advantage that most other airlines do not have.

Etihad Airways has been awarded many times for its high standards of service. They have received many awards from various organizations, including Skytrax, Skytrax World Airline Awards, and World Travel Awards, among others.

TOP 7: AirAsia

Airasia, Top 10 Best And Safest Airlines In Asia
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AirAsia has been named Asia’s Leading Low-Cost Airline Cabin Crew for the seventh year in a row at the 29th World Travel Awards 2022. The awards were presented by the World Travel Awards Foundation in Singapore on 8 September 2022 (Thursday).

AirAsia is one of Asia’s most successful airline brands, with a fleet of over 58 aircraft flying to more than 160 destinations worldwide. The airline is considered as one of the best budget airlines in Asia and has been operating since 1993, with more than 35,050 flights per day and 200 daily departures across its network of destinations.

AirAsia has also won numerous awards from leading travel publications and organizations, such as Travel Gazette Award, Traveler Magazine Readers Choice Award, Skytrax World Airline Awards, and more!

TOP 6: Korean Air

Korean Air, Top 10 Best And Safest Airlines In Asia
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Korean Air’s first-class suites are a thing of beauty. The airline’s Kosmo Suites 2.0 is a state-of-the-art cabin with features like a full-size bed, flat-screen TVs, and the ability to order room service from your seat. It’s truly one of the most comfortable and luxurious first-class cabins we’ve ever seen.

The airline also has an impressive in-flight entertainment system with a massive library of movies and TV programs and an expansive menu for food and drinks. The airline’s customer service is also noteworthy: When you’re flying with Korean Air, you can expect warm smiles from everyone who works there—and they’ll do everything they can to ensure you have a great experience!

TOP 5: Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines, Top 10 Best And Safest Airlines In Asia
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Japan Airlines is the world’s best economy-class airline, according to the Skytrax 2021 World Airline Awards, which is the largest passenger satisfaction survey in the world featuring 13.4 million voters from over 100 countries.

The award was given to Japan Airlines because of its innovative and comfortable products, including its new ultra-long-range aircraft, which are now available on routes across the globe. The award also comes on the heels of a year when Japan Airlines has seen more passengers using its services and being satisfied with their experience.

TOP 4: All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways, Top 10 Best And Safest Airlines In Asia
Image Source: Skytrax

All Nippon Airways is one of the best airlines in Asia and the world, being ranked first in both Global and Asia Pacific for its exceptional service and reliability in providing on-time performance in 2021. In Cerium’s comprehensive evaluation, the airline garnered the top score in two categories and received a 95.04% score for Mainline in the Global and Asia Pacific categories.

In addition to receiving high marks for on-time performance, All Nippon Airways was recognized as having an excellent customer service experience with a score of 92%. The airline was also ranked second among all airlines in Asia and the world, with a 98% satisfaction rate among passengers. Furthermore, Fortune Magazine has named All Nippon Airways one of the World’s Most Admired Companies for the past five years.

TOP 3: Emirates

Emirates, Top 10 Best And Safest Airlines In Asia
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Emirates has more than 161 destinations in its network, from Australia to New Zealand and India. The airline flies to more than 3600 cities across the globe per week, stretching from the Indian subcontinent to Australia and New Zealand. Emirates is headquartered in Dubai and has its central hub there. It also has offices in Abu Dhabi, Doha, London, Miami, and Los Angeles.

TOP 2: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines, Top 10 Best And Safest Airlines In Asia
Image Source: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world. The airline has a reputation for offering state-of-the-art entertainment options, spacious cabins, and a commitment to making flying a personal experience. Singapore Airlines’ fleet of airplanes is known for its spaciousness, comfort, and style. Singapore Airlines flies to over 130 destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and North America.

TOP 1: Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, Top 10 Best And Safest Airlines In Asia
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Qatar Airways is the best and safest airline in Asia. Its’ success is a testament to the commitment of its employees, who work tirelessly to provide our customers with an unparalleled experience and unmatched service.

Since its founding in 1993, Qatar Airways has been proud to be at the forefront of aviation, providing passengers with innovative services and unmatched safety standards. They also pride themselves on being leaders in sustainability—their goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% by 2025 while continuing to grow their business into one responsible for providing jobs for over 100,000 people across the globe.

What are Asia’s Best and Safest Airlines?

Air travel is becoming safer and safer, with innovations that are introduced consistently. In the future, it seems likely that air travel will become even safer than it already is. Skytrax’s methodology involved four areas of evaluation, including interviews with over 18.6 million passengers, who took into account 39 key performance indicators, from seats and entertainment options to the quality of service and how likely passengers would be to choose the airline again.

Once again, these are Asia’s top 10 best and safest airlines for your quick reference:

  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Singapore Airlines
  3. Emirates
  4. All Nippon Airways
  5. Japan Airlines
  6. Korean Air
  7. AirAsia
  8. Etihad Airways
  9. EVA Air
  10. Cathay Pacific

Did we miss any of your favorite airlines? Maybe it’s found in our research-based list of the Top 10 Best and Safest Airlines in the World. Or comment below and let us know your thoughts. We’ll be sure to read every word!

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