Top 10 Best Diving Spots in South Korea (Updated)

Top 10 Best Diving Spots in South Korea (Updated)

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Top 10 Best Diving Spots In South Korea (Updated) 595
Top 10 Best Diving Spots In South Korea (Updated) 597
Top 10 Best Diving Spots In South Korea (Updated) 599

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Jo S., Faheem H., and Marc T.

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Top 10 Best Diving Spots In South Korea (Updated) 595
Top 10 Best Diving Spots In South Korea (Updated) 597
Top 10 Best Diving Spots In South Korea (Updated) 599

Jo S., Faheem H., and Marc T.

According to the Top 10 Best and Most Popular Expensive Hotels in South Korea, there is something for everyone in South Korea for everyone. So, for divers, there is superb diving at numerous dive sites easily accessible from all major cities, which are densely packed with dive shops. Therefore, for those who are interested in scuba diving, today, the World’s #1 Source of Research-Based Content, The Daily Top 10 hope to present the updated list of the Top 10 Best Diving Spots in South Korea.

As we mentioned in our previous Top 10 Best Places for First-time Travellers to Visit in Asia Post, South Korea is an East Asian nation and it forms the southern section of the Korean Peninsula and shares the Korean Demilitarized Zone with North Korea. In terms of natural beauty, many places in this country can attract tourists. Among them, we can identify some places where scuba diving can be done.

Fish In The Sea
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So, would you like to go on an underwater ride in South Korea? Then come with us to learn about the Top 10 Best Diving Spots in South Korea. But before that visit the Top 10 Best Korean Movies and Drama Series to Watch in 2023 for your additional knowledge.

What is the Best Diving Spot in South Korea?

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Korea is not immediately thought of as a diving destination, but those who travel there will have a terrific experience. Although the places to do scuba diving are limited, tourists can get maximum inspiration from the existing places. The unique marine life, the wrecks, the beautiful coral reefs, and the freshness of the water will never be forgotten by anyone who experiences them.

The majority of scuba diving in South Korea takes place along the country’s southeast coast and near Jeju Island. In the summer (June to August), water temperatures on those islands range from 21 C to 29 C, making it the most popular period to dive. There is a longer diving season than in other locations in South Korea due to fewer current surface conditions. Having said that, depending on your level of skill, you can dive all year.

Therefore, without a single minute’s delay, starting from the Top 10, let us move on to the Best Diving Spot in South Korea. In addition to this, check out the Top 10 New Korean Movies and Tv Shows to Watch in December 2022.


Mijo (Namhae)

Image Source: Magazine Seoul Selection

The best summer getaway is a trip to Namhae since there is so much to do there. Scuba divers from nearby and faraway sea areas can choose from a variety of diving destinations around Mijo Port in Namhae-gun. Most importantly, because of the clean, crystal-clear water, Namhae’s beaches are among the prettiest in all of Korea.

A wonderful shoreline is never far away, no matter which side of Namhae you are on. Underwater, discover Namhae-gun’s real riches, says Linda Goes East. So, with so much to do, a trip to Namhae is the ideal summer vacation location. Namhae has a variety of attractions for visitors, including historical temples, beautiful beaches, and mouthwatering seafood.


Guryongpo (Pohang)

Guryongpo-Pohang Beach
Image Source: Korea Travel Pages

For all of the divers and snorkelers out there seeking the top diving and snorkeling spots in Korea, Guryongpo Beach is another location worth visiting. At Guryongpo, Pohang, visitors may take in the captivating and amazing beachfront scenery. You can also make indelible memories while swimming in the pristine, unpolluted, azure-blue ocean.

There are several different fish species in the Guryongpo Sea, including whales, crane saury, snow crabs, squids, and gwamegi. As you descend into water between 10 and 30 meters deep, you will come across underwater boulders and many coral reef species. I Visit Korea page suggests using a specialist diving boat if you are a beginner diver.


Geomundo Island (Yeosu)

Image Source: English Visit Korea

South Korea’s Geomundo Island is home to some of the most magnificent landscapes on earth. Additionally, Geomundo serves as the gateway to the renowned Baekdo Island group, a stunning collection of deserted granite pinnacles shrouded in lore. Long expanses of golden beaches are bordered by gorgeous mountains and dense woods, and the island’s many summits provide breathtaking vistas.

Visitors to the island may benefit from its breathtaking landscape and wide range of outdoor pursuits, including hiking and scuba diving. It is a developing diving location for all swimmers and divers who are eager to learn about diving in Korea. Kore Attrack describes how you can discover the seahorse habitat in the emerald-colored, crystal-clear water.


Taejongdae (Busan)

Image Source: La Valse Hotel

The Soul of Seoul states it is worthwhile to make the trek out to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Busan. The views are stunning and the walk around the island’s tip is enjoyable and energetic regardless of the weather, whether it is sunny, rainy, spring, summer, winter, or autumn. If the visibility is excellent, you may view Tsushima Island in Japan from the observation deck.

There is much to be discovered among the various hues of blue that wash back and forth from the cliffside out to the horizon. The Yeongdo Lighthouse region is also a highlight since it offers the best views of the fabulous seaside mountains. Its unique terrain and seascapes were designated as a Busan Monument.


Galdo Island (Tongyeong)

Image Source: Hotels

One of Tongyeong’s most populous and far-flung islands is Galdo Island. Many fishermen adore it since it is home to many different species of fish, including rockfish and red and black sea bream. Whatever your interests, there is no denying that scuba diving in Tongyeong is essential to a wonderful tour day.

According to I Visit Korea, for scuba divers who enjoy carefully observing nature, the location is ideal. This location is ideal for snorkelers and divers alike; if you are visiting Tongyeong, you must certainly not miss it. You will have a wonderful vacation and take advantage of the vibrant coral reefs and sponges.


Gageodo Island (Jeollanam-do)

Image Source: Trip Pose

One of the most isolated islands in southwest Korea is Gageodo Island, which is situated around 140 km southwest of Mokpo, Jeollanam-do. The most south-westerly island in Korea is Gageodo Island, also known as Heuksando Island. This location, which was formerly highlighted in a Korean variety program, is adored by hikers and fishermen alike due to its clear waterways and air.

As described by the Trippose both migrating birds and several fish species may be found here. If you are a scuba diver, take in the stunning coral reef beauty below the surface. You can explore the unknown ecological landscape. In the warm water of the island, take in the beauty of the corals and sponges.


Wangdolcho (Uljin)

Wangdolcho-Uljin Beach
Image Source: Trip Advisor

South Korea’s North Gyeongsang province is called Uljin. The seafloor in the Wangdolcho region is 23 kilometers from the harbor in Pohang. More than 120 different types of marine life can be found in Wangdolcho, which is also a natural habitat for snow crabs.

I Visit Korea says the well-known Uljin Snow Crab and Red Snow Crab Festival, which is hosted every year at Wangdolcho Square, is, therefore a must-attend event for all scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts. The celebration takes place in late February or early March and the streets, which are lined with historic stores and dockyards, have a nostalgic ambiance.


Goseong (Gangwon-do)

Goseong-Gangwon Lake
Image Source: Gwgs

Divessi declares due to its proximity to Seoul, diving in Gangwon-do is quite popular among South Korean residents, although visitors are not as familiar with the area. Divers may explore 212 km (132 miles) of shoreline in Gangwon-do along the East Sea, often known as the Sea of Japan. Goseong has plenty of bedrock and pristine water for those who want to enjoy a perfect holiday.

The East Sea is cooler than the southern seas, thus July and August are the best months to go diving in South Korea along the coast of Gangwon-do. In Gangwon, there are several dive shops to select from that provide shore diving and boat diving tours. There are many different species of fish as well as seaweed, coral, underwater rock walls, and octopuses. Numerous fish species, starfish, sea fans, and nudibranchs in vivid colors will be seen while diving.


Ulleungdo Island (East Coast)

Image Source: Culture Snap Shots

A mysterious volcanic island called Ulleungdo Island is located in the East Sea of South Korea. A volcanic highland, stunning rock formations, cedar and juniper trees, and a few modest fishing settlements make up this natural sanctuary. It has traditionally been a well-liked destination for Koreans who enjoy the outdoors.

The island has earned notoriety as the holiest place in South Korea. The snowiest area in South Korea is Ulleungdo Island. Beaches rapidly descend to a depth of 10 to 20 feet, with visibility often being in the range of 100 to 130 feet. Matador Network states that while snorkeling, you could be fortunate enough to spot the marine animals’ transparent bodies darting across the water.


Munseom (Jeju Island)

Image Source: Jeju Dream Tower

While there are various spots on the mainland, the finest diving may be found on the unusual Jeju Island, 100 kilometers to the south. Consider including Munseom, Jeju Island, on your list if you enjoy diving and snorkeling because it is one of the best places in Korea to do so. Free diving has been practiced on the island for a very long time; generations of women have gone there to collect shellfish.

According to Going the Whole Hogg swim amid the enormous kelp forests in the spring, and you can always see some incredible soft coral that is heavy along the reef walls. The water temperature is more agreeable and the marine life is attractive here. The locations you dive from are equally unique, which contributes to what makes diving in Jeju a genuinely exceptional experience. Accordingly, Munseom, Jeju Island is the Best Diving Spot in South Korea.

What are the Best Diving Spots in South Korea?

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Diving is mostly a summer hobby in South Korea. A few committed local divers dive all year, although they face strong currents and harsh surface conditions in the late fall and winter. However, scuba diving in the off-season gives a different inspiration to those who want to take adventure risks. Here, you can get a unique experience that is different from a normal scuba diving environment.

Accordingly, we would say scuba diving in South Korea was unusual, rather chilly, and more difficult than we had anticipated. That being said, the experience of diving somewhere off the main path will push you out of your comfort zone. Nevertheless, the amount of experience you can gain is also immense. In this article, we present to you the top 10 best diving spots in South Korea. Among them, Munseom, Jeju Island, is the best out of the lot.

Here are the Top 10 Best Diving Spots in South Korea:

  1. Munseom (Jeju Island)
  2. Ulleungdo Island (East Coast)
  3. Goseong (Gangwon-do)
  4. Wangdolcho (Uljin)
  5. Gageodo Island (Jeollanam-do)
  6. Galdo Island (Tongyeong)
  7. Taejongdae (Busan)
  8. Geomundo Island (Yeosu)
  9. Guryongpo (Pohang)
  10. Mijo (Namhae)

So, these are the Top 10 Best Diving Spots in South Korea that you should visit on your next trip to this lovely nation. Furthermore, we believe that this post is vital for individuals who appreciate adventure, adventurous activities, and excitement.

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Top 10 Best Diving Spots In South Korea (Updated)


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