Top 10 Best Places for First-Time Travelers to Visit in Asia

Top 10 Best Places for First-Time Travelers to Visit in Asia

Hello travelers! Do you know the Top 10 Best and Most Popular Places to Visit in Asia? and now in hope of visiting Asia for the first time? So, we will guide you to make your very first visit in Asia, a memorable one whether you are looking for a place to relax & just chill with the nature, a place with a lot of interaction & thrilling experiences, a place that is affordable with maximum facilities or a place where you can enjoy to the fullest with a luxurious stay.

In this article, We, the World’s #1 Source of Research-Based Content, The Daily Top 10 are facilitating you with the Top 10 Best Places to visit in Asia for first-time travelers just like you.

Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

One of the most sought-after travel destinations is undoubtedly Asia, with its myriad of Best-Rated Locations, Richest Countries, Most Technologically Advanced Countries and Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants. Asia offers an incredible combination of traditions, cuisines, and cultures that nowhere else in the world can be witnessed. So, millions of tourists are attracted to Asian countries each year. Despite the significant number of tourists visiting Asia, first-time visitors won’t be pleased by busy streets. Nevertheless, Cultural differences will definitely delight you more than they will stress you out.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to see our list of Top 10 Best Places for First Time Travellers to Visit in Asia.

What is the Best Place to Visit in Asia for First Time Travelers?

Asia continues to attract an increasing number of tourists each year. According to Statista, with over 360 million foreign visitors arriving in 2019 prior to the pandemic situation, the Asia-Pacific area has proven itself as a top destination for tourists from around the world. Although the number of foreign arrivals in the Asia-Pacific area, however, started to drop to under 60 million in 2020 and to 20.9 million in 2021 as a result of the global pandemic and border closures, now it is almost recovered with the continuous arrivals of international visitors.

Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

No matter if you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, adventurer, or a foodie, our list of the finest places to visit in Asia has something for everyone. Then, let us rush you through the rest of the list first before moving into the Best Place to Visit in Asia for First Time Travelers.

TOP 10: Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

Hong Kong is a fantastic destination for first-time travelers to Asia. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, this bustling city has something to offer for everyone, from stunning views of the skyline and Victoria Harbour to delicious food and bustling street markets. Hong Kong’s efficient public transportation system makes it easy to navigate, and its compact size means visitors can see a lot in a short amount of time.

The city has a rich history and culture that can be seen in its temples, museums, and other landmarks. Visitors can also enjoy shopping at luxury boutiques and street markets alike, and experience the vibrant nightlife scene. So, Hong Kong is a unique blend of Eastern and Western culture, making it a fascinating destination for first-time travelers to Asia.

TOP 9: Taipei (Taiwan)

Taipei (Taiwan), Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

If the hustle and bustle of the streets make you anxious despite your desire to visit China, Taiwan would be the ideal place for having a China-like experience. As stated in BBC, Taiwan is a shutterbug’s paradise with majestic mountains, lovely beaches which offers perfect windsurfing sites, Temples of Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian as well as Museums & art galleries. It is incomplete if we do not mention the Taiwanese delightful cuisines which have blended with Chinese & Japanese recipes.

As Travellers Worldwide suggests, February to April are the best time to pay a visit to Taiwan & the National Palace Museum. It is also known as “Gu Gong,” and located five miles from the capital would be a nice place to start your itinerary followed by indigenous village park, Jiantan Temple, Shilin Night Market and more.

TOP 8: Seoul (South Korea)

Seoul (South Korea), Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

Here we go, as we have something for everyone around the world, this is especially for K pop & K drama lovers but for others who love experiencing a blend of both ancient history with ultra modernism, Seoul in South Korea is the best choice. Seoul is one of the first rated with its security records more than any other country in Asia and you can stroll through the city while enjoying the eclectic tourist destinations interacting with well mannered citizens. Therefore, planning a trip to Seoul will not need a second thought for the first timers.

As Planetware suggests N Seoul Tower, Bukchon Hanok Traditional Village, Lotte World Tower (the tallest building in south korea), Seoul’s Urban Stream, Itaewon city, Gwangjang Market (best street food market) are some places you can explore out of best in Seoul. So, it’s about time you try the delectable Korean food that you have always craved for, but wait we have few more to go. Check out the Top 10 Best Korean Movies and Drama Series to Watch in 2023.

TOP 7: Bali (Indonesia)

Bali (Indonesia), Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

Indonesia is nothing short of wonders. In fact, it is full of incredible sites & interesting things to do for first time travelers. Out of the best places to visit, we picked up Bali, one of the most fascinating tourist destinations. As mentioned in Thinking Nomads, first of all, there you can spend some time at leisure in Bali’s all-time favorite spas and then you can start your journey from the Bali Safari and Marine Park, where you can watch wild creatures.

Also, if you’re feeling daring, visit the island’s monkey forest. You shouldn’t skip the Night Safari that is available there too. In addition to having a truly authentic Balinese experience, spend a night at Pura Tanah Lot and capture the stunning ocean sunset and the dawn but don’t forget to savor the Indonesian street food while on the go. Don’t miss one of the Top 10 Best Traditional Food in Asia during your Bali tour.

TOP 6: Ha Long (Vietnam)

Ha Long (Vietnam), Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

There is always plenty to do in Vietnam, from its mouthwatering native cuisine to its spectacular tourist attractions for a low budget. You must visit HaLong Bay if you are considering visiting Vietnam for the first time. This location is one of, if not the most popular among travelers because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is most well-known for its eons-old limestone pillars and lovely, little islets, which you may admire while sailing the water aboard a classic junk boat.

Explore Thien Cung Cave at HaLong Bay to get a better look at the stunning “Heaven Palace” stalactite and stalagmite structures. Recently, it was crowned one of the new Seven Natural wonders of the World.

Ha Long Bay is Haven to clusters of lovely beaches, diverse range of caves,  floating villages, small islets etc. As Planetware suggests, visiting Cat Ba Island, Halong Park, Quang Ninh Museum, snorkeling & diving, Sunbathing in Ti Top Beach are some of the not to miss activities and also March, April, May & June are known to be best time for outdoor activities in Ha Long, Vietnam. For more details, check out the Top 10 Best and Most Popular Places to Visit in Vietnam.

TOP 5: Tokyo (Japan)

Tokyo (Japan), Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

For first-time visitors who are curious about the diversity of Asian cultures, Japan is another best destination. Tokyo is undoubtedly a must-see destination for first-time visitors. You can experience the special Japanese cultural phenomena only in Tokyo but nowhere else in the world.

Tokyo is renowned for its kawaii lifestyle and any lovers of Japanese kawaii culture will find heaven right here.

Tokyo is the hub for kawaii culture, with everything from boutiques and clubs to themed cafes like Kawaii monster café. There is a tremendous amount to see and do, no matter your interests. If masses of people aren’t your thing, there are a lot of serene parks and temples where you may escape.

As Go Tokyo guides, Tokyo-Skytree , the world ‘s tallest tower and the Tokyo Tower are great for thrill seekers which offers a panoramic view for miles around the city. Sumida River, Hamarikyu Gardens, SensojiTemple & Olympic sites are some of the fabulous sightseeing spots.

TOP 4: Beijing (China)

Beijing (China), Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

Beijing is the first city that comes to mind when considering your first trip to China. This city is more than just a big city as Chinese culture is also centered on Beijing. You can visit all the iconic sites of Chinese Culture there, including the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall of China.

Beijing itself has a plethora of interesting places to see. Some of the most well-known tourist sites in the nation are located there, including the historical sights, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace, Lama Temple, Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, and the Jinshan Park as well as cultural sights such as the hutongs, Tiananmen Square, Gubei Water Town and the modern sights like Beijing Olympic Park & 798 Art Zone, as suggested in China Highlights.

TOP 3: Marina Bay (Singapore)

Marina Bay (Singapore), Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

Known as the “Melting Pot of Asia,” Singapore treasures an exceptional blend of ethnicities, cultures, and food. That is what makes this country truly “shiok” in Malaysian English. Marina Bay is a brilliant area for the first timers to marvel at its outstanding architecture. Besides, a bumboat cruise down the Singapore River to outline the central city area would be great if you want to escape the hustle & bustle in the city.

Next, the gigantic Ferris wheel-the Singapore Flyer offers you  a fantastic open air panoramic ride. Moreover, the Futuristic Gardens by the Bay is a serene place to admire the vegetation with the advanced technology. Not to mention the famous Merlion Statue, The Singapore Zoo, and the Artscience Museum which are some of the best attractions for the first time travelers to experience in Singapore. Don’t forget to visit one of the Top 10 Oldest and Most Popular Restaurants in Asia during your Singapore tour.

TOP 2: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

Do you know the Top 10 Best Countries in Asia to Celebrate New Years Eve? Malaysia, one of the richest nations in Asia, is an excellent choice for first-time visitors who wish to experience Asian culture in a unique way. It received over 2 million visitors per year, is the ideal location for you to have the holiday of your dreams.

The Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur can be summed up as a wonderland as both elegance and excitement have crept into each corner of the city.

In addition, its allure tempts travelers to discover the city’s beautiful modernism. Three of the Biggest Shopping Malls in the World are located in Kuala Lumpur, making it a hub for keen shoppers. The city is environmentally friendly because it hosts numerous parks, including the biggest aviary bird park in the world. According to Travel Triangle, top destinations in Kuala Lumpur include ancient temples, historical buildings, modern skyscrapers, beautiful parks and more. Petronas Tower, Menara KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Connaught Market, Titiwangsa Lake Garden & Istana Budaya (Cultural Palace) are some of them.

TOP 1: Phuket (Thailand)

Phuket (Thailand), Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

Phuket is one of the Top 10 Best Places for First Time Travelers to Visit in Thailand, Most Romantic Places for Couples to Visit in Thailand and Best Countries in Asia to Celebrate Christmas. Thailand’s most treasured beauty is Phuket which is a tropical paradise for beach lovers in the Andaman sea. The vistas and picturesque landscapes in this mountainous, rainforest-like region are well known. According to Travel USnews, it ranked #1 both in Best Places to Visit in February & in Best Beaches in Thailand.

Phuket is more than just beaches, the outstanding classical architecture such as the Goom restaurant, vibrant nightlife & the inviting nature make it a hotspot for tourists. In addition to that Promthep cape, Big Buddha, Nai Harn Beach, Phuket Boat Tours, Phuket Spas, Wat Chalong Temple are the other well liked places in Phuket. The interesting fact is that as everything sounds appealing, even the prices are pretty affordable. Accordingly, Phuket in Thailand is the Best Place to Visit in Asia for First Time Travelers.

What are the Best Places to Visit in Asia for the First Time Travelers?

Asia inhabits the largest portion of our planet and also boasts a myriad of natural wonders, tropical sandy beaches, ancient cultures & diverse range of exquisite delicacies and more. Simply, Asia is undoubtedly a “fantasyland,” with a host of fascinating and alluring sights. Travel in Asia allows you to witness a diverse range of cultural elements and breathtaking landscapes par excellence. Thus, despite the fact that Europe continues to be a popular holiday destination for many people, the Asia-Pacific region is constantly gaining in tourist popularity on a global scale. For further details, check out the Top 10 World’s Top Rated and Best Places to Visit in 2023.

Top 10 Best Places For First-Time Travelers To Visit In Asia
Image Source: Pexels

Here is the Top 10 Best Place to Visit in Asia for First Time Travelers:

  1. Phuket
  2. Kuala Lumpur
  3. Marina Bay
  4. Beijing
  5. Tokyo
  6. Ha Long
  7. Bali  
  8. Seoul
  9. Taipei
  10. Hong Kong

On top of all that, respecting Asian culture and traditions should be your top priority while you are traveling in Asia as the majority of Asian countries adhere to a certain religion or culture. Thus, you shouldn’t strive to offend Asian people’s feelings or their culture. Keep this in mind while traveling & have a safe journey! So, this is The Daily Top 10 Team and  we invite you to read more articles from the Asian Category like Top 10 Most Dangerous Active Volcanoes in Asia, Top 10 List of Most Spoken Languages in Asia and Top 10 Countries in Asia With Best Data Privacy Laws.

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