Top 10 Best and Most Memorable Royal Weddings of All Time

Top 10 Best and Most Memorable Royal Weddings of All Time

We, the World’s #1 Source of Research-Based Content, The Daily Top 10 hope you may have already updated your knowledge with our lists of the Top 10 Reasons Why We Celebrate Valentines Day and Top 10 LGBT News and Trends You Should Remember in 2023. Accordingly, there is no doubt that we all have attended gobsmacking royal weddings of course in Disney movies which are full of excitement with extravagance. Simply, they are nothing short of magnificent and you will agree with that. So today here is a throwback to the real-life Top 10 Best and Most Memorable Royal Weddings of All Time.

Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
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Weddings can be simple unless it is one of the privileged which is meant to be extravagant and magnificent. Such extravagant displays of time-honored traditional rituals, gilded carriages, dazzling tiaras, spectacular decoration, unusual wedding cakes & millions worth of wedding gowns with the thousands of high-profile guests and onlookers made a fairy tale come true.

Members of royal families from around the world have been getting married in style throughout history. They spend millions of dollars on elaborate multi-day parties, security, and gowns.

In addition, they hold ceremonies on historic castles or exclusive islands. These swoon-worthy royal weddings will bring you a fairytale-like sight in the real world. So, here let’s start our countdown of the Top 10 Best and Most Memorable Royal Weddings of All Time. Before that, you can also go through the Top 10 Reasons Why We Celebrate Galentine’s Day.

What is the Best and Most Memorable Royal Wedding of All Time?

One of the most eagerly awaited occasions in everyone’s life is their wedding. Even while rites and traditions can vary from one country to the next, weddings are essentially the same everywhere. It is an exciting event where two people join and are seen as one and a celebration of life and love and the beginning of a lifetime commitment. But, for the most part, the nobles stand out to share their moment with hundreds to thousands of people. Sometimes, their celebrations occur across nations. As we all know, one royal exchanged vows in front of 20,000 guests in a specially designed stadium.

Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
Image Source: Pexels

So, now it is the time to look at the Best & Most Memorable Royal Wedding of All Time. But before that, we will look into the rest of the other royal weddings. You can also check out the Top 10 Best Compliments You Should Give Someone Right Now while you are reading this article.

TOP 10: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan & Princess Salama (Abu Dhabi)

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan &Amp; Princess Salama (Abu Dhabi), Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
Image Source: Yahoo

The wedding of the third president of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Abu Dhabi and Princess Salama is known to be the most costly wedding in modern history. They were wed in 1981 in a stadium that had been expanded to accommodate their 20,000 guests.

According to Forbes, a week was devoted to wedding festivities & most interestingly, every town in the emirate was visited during that week and fed by the groom. What’s more, the royals reportedly spent almost USD 100 million on their lavish wedding during the event, 20 camels decked out in jewelry carried the bride’s wedding gifts.

TOP 9: Prince Felipe & Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano (Spain)

Prince Felipe &Amp; Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano (Spain), Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
Image Source: Royalty Magazine

In 2004, the current King and Queen of Spain shared vows in the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid. 1,200 guests especially captured the moment that the royal groom married the journalist Letizia Ortiz at the Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain. Their wedding ceremony was broadcast on television and had 25 million views just in Spain.

As mentioned on Prestige Online, the bride wore a stunning Manuel Pertegaz gold embroidery gown with a 4.27-meter train, gifted by the Prince and the Queen Sofia worn-diamond tiara while Prince Felipe looked dashing in the Great Tag suit of the Army. Besides, the wedding reception featured a 2.13-meter-tall cake with 1,000 bottles of champagne and the total cost was estimated at approximately $28–54.5 million at that time.

TOP 8: Prince Albert II & Charlene Wittsock (Monaco)

Prince Albert Ii &Amp; Charlene Wittsock (Monaco), Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
Image Source: Monaco Tribune

Besides Kate & William, another royal couple started their journey in 2011 in a majestic four-day ceremony that is said to have cost $70 million as stated by People. It was Prince Albert II, the son of Rainier III of Monaco & A former South African Athlete, Charlene Wittsock’s wedding. They had 800 guests and 150,000 onlookers to catch a glimpse of the couple.

Despite the rumors that she wanted to call off the wedding and run away, Charlene looked stunning with a stunning 66-foot train and bridal gown by Armani. They also devoured a five-tier wedding cake that required 110 pounds of strawberries. Wonderfully, the Eagles gave a free concert to celebrate their bond.

TOP 7: Princess Victoria & Daniel Westling (Sweden)

Princess Victoria &Amp; Daniel Westling (Sweden), Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
Image Source: Go Fug Yourself

On June 19, 2010, the Stockholm Cathedral served as the venue for the union of Daniel Westling and Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden. It was on the 34th anniversary of her parent’s wedding and is said to have cost about 20 million kronor the wedding itself. Westling became a Swedish prince and Duke of Västergötland as a result of assuming Victoria’s ducal title.

Moreover, as Hello Magazine has mentioned, she donned a Pär Engsheden wedding gown with a five-meter train that was fastened at the waist, and the same gold tiara that Queen Silvia wore to her wedding in 1976 adorned her head. Their wedding grabbed more attention as Princess Victoria had been known to challenge several royal traditions by customizing them at the service despite her getting married to a commoner.

TOP 6: Princess Margaret & Antony Armstrong-Jones (UK)

Princess Margaret &Amp; Antony Armstrong-Jones (Uk), Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
Image Source: Washington Post

Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, fell in love with a photographer named Antony Armstrong-Jones & wedded in 1960 at Westminster Abbey. With an estimated 300 million spectators across the world tuning in, it made history as the first royal wedding to be televised and also the ceremony was performed In front of 2,000 spectators.

It was stunning with a simple but elegant wedding gown, a Poltimore tiara, and a wedding bouquet of orchids and lily-of-the-valley among eight young bridesmaids in tow as Town and Country Magazine reported. Unfortunately, they announced their divorce after 18 years of marriage and had two children after suspicions of infidelity.

TOP 5: Princess Elizabeth & Prince Philip (UK)

Princess Elizabeth &Amp; Prince Philip (Uk), Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
Image Source: Brides

According to Parade, at Westminster Abbey in 1947, the late Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip Mountbatten tied the knot as the starting point for the longest royal marriage in history. The ceremony was captured and aired to 200 million listeners worldwide by BBC Radio.

An interesting fact is that their wedding cake was given the nickname “The 10,000 Mile Cake” as it stood 9 feet high. Moreover, she wore a diamond fringe tiara which was a gift from the Queen Mother to her daughter for the auspicious day and her wedding dress cost $1.6 million was designed by Sir Norman Hartnell.

TOP 4: Prince Charles & Princess Diana (UK)

Prince Charles &Amp; Princess Diana (Uk), Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
Image Source: Independent

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s nuptials were truly remarkable, although they took place decades ago. The Royal Wedding between Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981 ended up being the most costly British royal wedding ever, costing between USD 70 to 100 million. 600,000 people gathered on London’s streets to cherish the moment of these newlywed royals, while 3,500 guests attended the wedding at Westminster Abbey.

What’s more, Princess Diana’s ivory taffeta dress with a 25-foot trail of 10,000 pearls stitched on. It was valued at USD 127,000 at the time, and also the fact that visitors could select between 27 flavored cakes, aside from the costumes, decorations, and strict security made headlines for days. This royal ceremony was broadcast to 750 million TV viewers from around the world as stated on Finance Online.

TOP 3: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle (UK)

Prince Harry &Amp; Meghan Markle (Uk), Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
Image Source: Vogue

One of the most iconic royal weddings in history, American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s 2018 nuptials held at Windsor Castle gained considerable attention throughout the world. And also picking Forget-Me-Nots, Princess Diana’s favorite flower not only for decorations but also for Meghan’s bouquet to honor the late Princess Diana was such a touching tribute.

According to The Brides, Meghan Markle looked gorgeous in a Givenchy dress, which reportedly cost $265,000, and Stella McCarthy dresses cost $157,000. Together, they cost a reported $422,000, with Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau tiara, representing 53 commonwealth countries while Prince Harry looked dapper in his black military uniform.

TOP 2: Prince Rainier III & Grace Kelly (Monaco)

Prince Rainier Iii &Amp; Grace Kelly (Monaco), Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
Image Source: NBC News

A century-old, nuptials of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco in April 1956 are still memorable & too perfect to miss out. It runs 65 years back when the American movie star turned royal, marrying Prince Rainier III of Monaco. 600 guests attended their two-day opulent wedding including religious and civil ceremonies.

As Brides describes, the bride’s gown, which had a high neckline, numerous petticoats, and vintage pearls, was the talk of their ceremony. She chose a simple but stunning posy of lilies of the valley for her bouquet. Besides, the six-tier, sugar-based wedding cake, on the other hand, was a representation of the pink palace of the nation.

TOP 1: Prince William & Kate Maggleton (UK)

Prince William &Amp; Kate Maggleton (Uk), Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
Image Source: Hello Magazine

The historic nuptials of this royal couple took place at Westminster Abbey in 2011. As mentioned in Town and Country Magazine, the groom was second in the line of succession to the British throne and a total of USD 34 million was spent toward the Crown’s expenses for the wedding, of which USD 32 million was paid for security as mentioned in Prestige Online. Following the ceremony, a wedding banquet was held at Buckingham Palace.

The bride, Kate, donned a stunning handcrafted lace dress by Alexander McQueen with a nine-foot-long train. Further, over 1,900 guests attended the ceremony, and one million people queued up between Westminster Abbey & Buckingham Palace to catch a glimpse of the royal couple whilst Millions of people streamed it on television throughout the world & 72 million live streamed on YouTube. Accordingly, the Wedding of Prince William & Kate Maggleton (UK) is the Best & Most Memorable Royal Wedding of All Time.

What are the Best and Most Memorable Royal Weddings of All Time?

Irrespective of whether rich or less rich,  almost every couple wishes to go over the top of the most treasured day in their life to reveal to their partner that they are sincere and blessed the first time around. An elaborate ceremony with public vows in front of a large crowd proves their effort in the marriage life. Even so, as a result of royal regulations being not strictly regulated as they once were, nobility tying the knot with commoners has become a new normal recently. For the most part, these Royal Weddings are opulent, inspirational, and iconic of all time.

Top 10 Best And Most Memorable Royal Weddings Of All Time
Image Source: Pexels

Here is the Top 10 list of the Best and Most Memorable Royal Weddings of All Time:

  1. Prince William and Kate Maggleton
  2. Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly
  3. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle
  4. Prince Charles & Princess Diana
  5. Princess Elizabeth & Prince Philip
  6. Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones
  7. Princess Victoria & Daniel Westling
  8. Prince Albert II & Charlene Wittsock
  9. Prince Felipe and Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano
  10. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Princess Salama

So, who is your favorite royal couple? Share your thoughts with us, The Daily Top 10 Team in the comment section below. In addition, if you need to read more unique and important articles like this, just check out our Top 10 Predictions About Community Management in the Future, Top 10 Best Proven Tips to Secure Your Facebook Page, and Top 10 World’s Biggest Companies Using Blockchain Platforms, while staying updated with us daily!

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