Top 10 World’s Best & Most Popular Football Teams (Updated)

Top 10 World's Best & Most Popular Football Teams (Updated)

Football is one of the most loved sports in the world; countries love to participate in the FIFA World Cup of Copa America or UEFA, and many more tournaments on the list; because of their huge fan following, everyone wants to become number 1, but it’s not that easy. In this article, we will share with you the Top 10 Best and Most Popular Football Teams in the World that you must know about.

Top 10 Best And Most Popular Football Teams In The World
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One must have 100% fitness and health to win a maximum number of matches and score the most goals. This is the key to becoming famous in this sport. Also, you must choose the right team, as a good team will make you learn and earn well. Undoubtedly, there are several best teams. Actually, there are more than 211 football teams across the globe. Each of them is playing to rank at the top, but we will only discuss the top 10 most popular football teams.

Now, let’s have a look at the Top 10 Best and Most Popular Football Teams below:

TOP 10: Chelsea F.C.

Chelsea F.c., Top 10 Best And Most Popular Football Teams In The World
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The Chelsea football team is the most successful in English soccer history, winning 18 major honors. They have won four Premier League titles, five FA Cups, four League Cups, and one European Cup. The club has also won numerous other trophies, including Community Shields and the Super Cup. Chelsea was founded in 1905 as Union Football Club by brothers Gus and Alexy Solomons.

They began playing at their ground in Fulham but soon moved to Stamford Bridge in West London, where they took on the name Chelsea Football Club. The club’s first success came in 1920 when they won the FA Cup for the first-time, beating Bolton Wanderers 3-0 at Wembley Stadium. The following season saw them win another FA Cup.

Still, it was not until 1930 that they established themselves as one of England’s top sides, winning three consecutive titles between 1931 and 1934 before going on to win another five cups between 1949 and 1960, including a second FA Cup victory in 1951 which remains their highest ever achievement in English football history. The 1960s saw them reach new heights with seven league titles between 1963 and 1970 and two European Cups.

TOP 9: Manchester City F.C.

Manchester City F.c., Top 10 Best And Most Popular Football Teams In The World
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Manchester City football club is one of the most successful football teams in the world. They have won 11 European Cups, making them the most successful English team in European football and the first English team to win any European title since Aston Villa in 1982. They also won the FA Cup seven times, including five consecutive titles from 1956 to 1960. Additionally, they won the Premier League twice and were runners-up four times between 1961 and 1970.

The club was formed in 1880 and joined the Football League in 1899. They officially became a limited company in 1958, changing their name to Manchester City Football Club Ltd., but continued to use their current name until 2001.

TOP 8: Arsenal F.C.

Arsenal F.c., Top 10 Best And Most Popular Football Teams In The World
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Arsenal Football Club, known as The Gunners, is a British football club based in Highbury in the London Borough of Islington. It was one of the 12 founder members of the Premier League in 1992 and has since won three FA Cups, five League Cups, and the Community Shield. Arsenal is currently ranked as the 3rd most valuable football club in England and the 18th most valuable football team in the world.

The club’s first major honor came when they won the FA Cup in 1914 against Liverpool. They won this title again in 1915 but lost it again four years later to Sunderland AFC. In 1932 they won their second FA Cup after beating Everton 2–1 at Wembley Stadium thanks to a last-minute goal scored by goalkeeper George Swindin. After this victory, they were officially named “The Invincibles.”

TOP 7: Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

Paris Saint-Germain F.c., Top 10 Best And Most Popular Football Teams In The World
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Paris Saint-Germain Football Club is one of the world’s most popular football teams. They have won a total of 18 league titles, 4 Coupe de France titles, and 4 Coupe de la Ligue titles. The club has also won the French Cup twice, and they have been runners-up in the UEFA Champions League four times. PSG is currently ranked as one of the best football clubs in Europe and Asia. In 2018, they became the first football club in history to win five consecutive Ligue 1 titles.

They also became the first team to win six consecutive Coupes de la Ligue titles when they defeated Monaco by 2-1 at home on December 6th, 2018. PSG’s most recent success came when they defeated Real Madrid 3-1 at Parc des Princes on May 31st, 2019, after losing 0-3 at home on May 16th, 2019, when Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals for Real Madrid against them during their last match before this victory against PSG; this was also PSG’s 100th victory against Real Madrid since their founding in 1970!

TOP 6: Juventus F.C.

Juventus F.c., Top 10 Best And Most Popular Football Teams In The World
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Juventus Football Club is a professional Italian football club based in Turin, Piedmont. Founded in 1897 by Angelo Stanislao Costagliola, the club’s original name was Juventus Football Club, and the team’s colors were black and white. Their first competitive match was against Genoa C.F., which ended in a 2–0 win for Juventus.

Juventus has won one Italian Super Cup (1992), one UEFA Champions League (2003), five Intercontinental Cups (1999, 2000, 2003, 2005), four UEFA Super Cups (1969, 1970, 1996, and 2003), and one FIFA Club World Cup (1996). On November 1st, 2016, it was announced.

TOP 5: FC Bayern Munich

Fc Bayern Munich, Top 10 Best And Most Popular Football Teams In The World
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The Bavarian football club Bayern Munich was founded in 1900. It is one of the most successful teams in German football, winning 16 Bundesliga titles, 2 DFB-Pokals, 2 UEFA Champions League titles, and 1 FIFA Club World Cup. The team has also won numerous national championships in various other competitions. In addition to its field achievements, Bayern has made significant contributions to German culture and society through its charitable foundation.

TOP 4: Liverpool C.F.

Liverpool C.f., Top 10 Best And Most Popular Football Teams In The World
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Liverpool Football Club is one of the most successful clubs in English football history. It has won more than nine league titles and seven FA Cups and reached an astonishing eight European Cup finals. The Reds’ record of 18 League Championships out of 20 makes them the most successful team in English football history.

Football has a rich history, and Liverpool Football Club is one of its most iconic teams. The club had made many contributions to the sport’s development, which include being the first team to play in an all-white kit in 1892 when they were founded by John Houlding; being the first English team to wear red shirts; having the first player to score 100 goals in a season (Ferguson); having the highest average attendance per game (45,000), and having its song written about it (You’ll Never Walk Alone).

TOP 3: Manchester United F.C.

Manchester United F.c., Top 10 Best And Most Popular Football Teams In The World
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Manchester United Football Club is a professional football team based in Manchester, England. It was formed in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR Football Club by the Carriage and Wagon department of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. In 1902, they were renamed Manchester United to reflect the growing importance of the club on the football scene. Since then, the club has won over 25 trophies, including 13 Premier League titles and 10 FA Cups.

Since being formed in 1878, Manchester United have spent over 100 years at their current home ground, Old Trafford stadium. The ground has also hosted international matches for England, Scotland, and Wales and regularly hosts major domestic and international fixtures.

TOP 2: Real Madrid CF

Real Madrid Cf, Top 10 Best And Most Popular Football Teams In The World
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Real Madrid CF is one of the best and most popular football teams in the history of football game. It has won a record 35 La Liga titles, 19 Copas del Rey, and 3 UEFA Champions Leagues. The team has also won the FIFA Club World Cup twice and the UEFA Super Cup once. The club was founded in 1902 as Athletic Bilbao Athletic, changing its name to Real Madrid Football Club in 1902.

Real Madrid was originally formed by a group of young boys who wanted to play football simultaneously each week under one banner. The club also holds the record for most consecutive league championships (19) and is the only team to have never been relegated from La Liga.

TOP 1: FC Barcelona

Fc Barcelona, Top 10 Best And Most Popular Football Teams In The World
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Undoubtedly, Barcelona Football Club tops our list of the Top 10 World’s Best, Most Successful, and Most Popular Football Teams, with a total of 11 European Cups and 26 La Liga titles. The club was founded in 1899 by a group of Swiss and Spanish men who wanted to play football. They decided to build their stadium and named it Camp Nou, which means “field of roses.” They played their first match on 8th December 1899

Over the years, Barcelona has played against many other teams across Europe, including Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Valencia CF, Atlético Madrid, and more. The team has won an impressive 27 La Liga titles since its founding (1927-28) and has also won an amazing 39 Spanish cups since its formation (1915-16). The team has won a total of 75 trophies which is huge.

What is the Best Football Team in the World Right Now?

All these teams are best because they love this sport from depth; their priority is the health and fitness of their players and the demands of their fans sitting out there and cheering them up.

Once again, the following are the Top 10 World’s Best & Most Popular Football Teams:

  1. FC Barcelona
  2. Real Madrid CF
  3. Manchester United F.C.
  4. Liverpool F.C.
  5. FC Bayern Munich
  6. Juventus F.C.
  7. Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
  8. Arsenal F.C.
  9. Manchester City F.C.
  10. Chelsea F.C.

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