Top 10 Best Chinese New Year Books for Kids to Read

Top 10 Best Chinese New Year Books for Kids to Read

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Top 10 Best Chinese New Year Books For Kids To Read 595
Top 10 Best Chinese New Year Books For Kids To Read 597
Top 10 Best Chinese New Year Books For Kids To Read 599

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Jo S., Faheem H., and Marc T.

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Top 10 Best Chinese New Year Books For Kids To Read 595
Top 10 Best Chinese New Year Books For Kids To Read 597
Top 10 Best Chinese New Year Books For Kids To Read 599

Jo S., Faheem H., and Marc T.

Do you know about the Top 10 Chinese New Year Traditions That Will Bring Real Luck and the Top 10 Asia’s Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year (Updated)? Accordingly, the lunar calendar ushers in the vibrant festivities of Chinese New Year; it brings a tapestry of ancient customs, mythical creatures, and heartwarming tales. The rich cultural heritage of China provides a captivating backdrop for young readers to explore and embrace. So, the World’s #1 Source of Research-Based Content, The Daily Top 10, today has the Top 10 Best Chinese New Year Books for Kids to Read.

Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is a time of joy, renewal, and family gatherings. Through these carefully selected books, young readers will embark on a cultural journey filled with mythical creatures, festive traditions, and heartwarming tales that celebrate the spirit of this auspicious occasion. From the vibrant lion dances to the mesmerizing fireworks displays, these books capture the essence of Chinese New Year while teaching valuable lessons about respect, gratitude, and the importance of heritage.

Traditional Chinese
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This carefully curated list presents the Top 10 Chinese New Year Books for Kids, each of a treasure trove of stories that unveil this joyous occasion’s traditions, values, and magic.

What is the Best Chinese New Year Book for Kids to Read?

What Is The Best Chinese New Year Book For Kids To Read
Image Source: CNN

The festive spirit of Chinese New Year beckons, inviting young minds to embark on an enchanting literary journey filled with tales and age-old traditions. These books will transport children to a world of color, excitement, and deep cultural appreciation. Spark your child’s curiosity as they face playful dragons, explore the significance of red envelopes, and learn the art of crafting paper lanterns. In addition to this, you may also like to see the Top 10 World’s Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year (Updated).

These books entertain and educate, allowing children to embrace diversity and celebrate the beauty of different cultures. So, gather your little ones and embark on a literary voyage that will take them to a realm where traditions are cherished, wishes are whispered, and the spirit of Chinese New Year illuminates their hearts.

After checking all the other books on our list, let’s look at the Best Chinese New Year Book.


Friends Are Friends Forever

Friends Are Friends, Forever
Image Source: Macmillan

Immerse yourself in the captivating pages of this extraordinary picture book, which draws inspiration from the author’s immigration journey. It explores the profound influence of friendship while emphasizing the significance of spreading love and kindness across borders. With their hearts intertwined, Yueyue entrusts Dandan with a poignant gift to ensure the continuity of their cherished tradition.

According to Good Reads, on a snowy Lunar New Year’s Eve in Northeastern China, an unforgettable night unfolds for Dandan and Yueyue. Hearts are heavy with the knowledge that Dandan will embark on a new life in America tomorrow. As Dandan embarks on her new chapter in an unfamiliar land, she longs for someone with whom she can share the precious gift bestowed upon her by Yueyue. Yearning for companionship, Dandan discovers that fate has a way of weaving its magic.


Chloe’s Lunar New Year

Chloe'S Lunar New Year
Image Source: Book of Wonders

Chloe’s Lunar New Year Book is a delightful children’s book that celebrates the vibrant traditions and cultural significance of the Lunar New Year. A talented writer authored the book and it takes young readers on a journey through the eyes of Chloe, a spirited and curious protagonist. Chloe’s Lunar New Year Book introduces children to this special celebration’s rich customs, rituals, and symbols.

As stated in Harper Collins, through Chloe’s eyes, children learn about the significance of family reunions and the importance of honoring ancestors. They discover the joy of receiving lucky red envelopes and the excitement of participating in traditional games and activities. As Chloe navigates the bustling streets and embraces the festive atmosphere, young readers are engaged in a world of cultural diversity and are encouraged to appreciate and respect different traditions.


The Whole World Inside Nan’s Soup

Whole Word
Image Source: Dear Author

It is a heartwarming and culturally enriching children’s book that takes readers on a culinary adventure across the globe. This tale follows the endearing protagonist, Nan, as she prepares her special soup, which holds a surprising secret. As the story unfolds, readers are taken to Nan’s kitchen, where a delightful medley of aromas fills the air. Nan’s soup is no ordinary dish, it contains a magical ingredient that allows her to travel to different countries with just one spoonful.

As mentioned in Hocc-Lace, from the bustling streets of Mexico, where she encounters mariachi music and colorful fiestas, to the serene cherry blossom gardens of Japan, where she learns the art of origami, Nan’s adventures offer young readers a glimpse into diverse cultures. They witness the hustle and bustle of a Moroccan marketplace, the rhythmic beats of African drums, and the mesmerizing dances of India.


Alex’s Good Fortune

Alex Good Fortune
Image Source: Pango Books

This enchanting children’s book follows the journey of a young boy named Alex as he discovers the true meaning of luck and the importance of gratitude. With an engaging storyline and vibrant illustrations, this book captures the hearts and imaginations of young readers. The story begins with Alex, a curious and optimistic child who believes that external factors solely determine luck.

According to Penguin Random House, he embarks on a quest to find a magical lucky charm. Along the way, he encounters various characters who teach him valuable life lessons about the true nature of luck. Alex learns that true fortune lies not in material possessions but in the small joys and blessings that surround him daily. He discovers that acts of kindness, compassion, and gratitude can bring about the most profound and lasting forms of luck.


Playing with Lanterns

Image Source: Randomly Reading

This book provides fascinating narrative and vibrant illustrations of a world brimming with magic and cultural celebration. Within the pages of this delightful children’s book, children eagerly await the arrival of the Lantern Festival, a time when the night sky bursts forth with an array of colors, and a palpable sense of excitement fills the air. This book celebrates the boundless potential of imagination and encourages children to embrace their unique creative abilities.

As stated in Kirkus Reviews, as twilight descends, the children gather, their lanterns aglow with a gentle, flickering flame. The warm illumination casts an ethereal glow, evoking a sense of enchantment and wonder. The luminous lanterns become emissaries of hope, prosperity, and unity, symbolizing the harmonious coming together of families and communities. It inspires children to embrace their heritage and celebrate the tapestry of diversity that enriches our global community.


Long Goes to Dragon School

Dragon School
Image Source: Yeehoo Media

It is a gratifying children’s book that takes you on an extraordinary adventure alongside a brave and determined dragon named Long. The story unfolds as Long, a young dragon eager to learn and grow, embarks on a transformative journey to Dragon School. With wide-eyed anticipation, Long enters a world of learning, where dragons of all shapes, sizes, and abilities gather to develop their skills. This book guides about courage, perseverance, and the power of embracing one’s uniqueness.

As mentioned in Barnes & Noble, despite his best efforts, Long struggles to master the skills expected of him. He realizes he cannot breathe fire like his classmates, so doubts and insecurities begin weighing on Long’s spirit. Yet, with unwavering determination, Long refuses to be discouraged. Instead, he sets out to uncover his unique strengths and talents. So, this beautifully crafted book leaves a lasting impression, reminding readers that our differences make us extraordinary.


Year of the Cat

The Year Of The Cat
Image Source: Kick Starter

This invites young readers on a  journey through the fascinating world of the Chinese zodiac. It celebrates friendship, determination, and the magic of discovering one’s true identity. The story follows the adventures of a curious and adventurous cat named Mia as she embarks on a quest to uncover her place in the Chinese zodiac. In the ancient zodiac tradition, each year is associated with a different animal. However, Mia faces a unique challenge.

According to The Guardian, Mia is on an extraordinary journey with her loyal friends from the animal kingdom. Together, they explore the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, encountering legendary creatures and immersing themselves in the traditions of the lunar calendar. As Mia meets each zodiac animal, she learns valuable life lessons and discovers the strengths and qualities that make her special. It encourages children to celebrate their unique qualities, appreciates cultural diversity’s beauty, and embraces the adventure of self-discovery.


A Sweet New Year for Ren

A Sweet New Year For Ren By Michelle Sterling
Image Source: Michelle Sterling

This heartwarming children’s book takes young readers through the joyous traditions of celebrating the Lunar New Year. The story revolves around Ren, a young girl eager to embrace the festivities and practices of the Lunar New Year. As the auspicious holiday approaches, Ren and her family embark on preparations, from cleaning their home to cooking delectable meals. Amidst the bustling atmosphere, Ren learns about the customs and symbols associated with the celebration, engrossing herself in the rich tapestry of her cultural heritage.

As stated in Simon & Schuster, readers will be in love with the vibrant sights, sounds, and flavors of the Lunar New Year. They can join Ren in making traditional treats, such as tangyuan and nian gao, and learn about the symbolism behind these sweet delicacies. As the story goes, Ren encounters the tradition of writing New Year wishes on red paper and hanging them on a blossoming tree. In the spirit of hope and renewal, Ren sets out to pen her wishes for the year ahead, embracing the opportunity to reflect on her dreams and aspirations.


Tofu Takes Time

Tofu Takes Time
Image Source: Kid Lit 411

The book introduces young readers to the art of patience and the rewards of perseverance. It imparts valuable life lessons about dedication and the importance of waiting for something worthwhile. The story follows a curious and determined young girl named Mei as she embarks on a culinary adventure to learn the art of tofu making. Mei’s journey begins when she discovers a simple recipe for tofu and becomes captivated by the idea of creating this nutritious and versatile food.

As mentioned in Epic, Mei dives into the world of tofu making; she learns about the necessary steps: soaking the soybeans, grinding them into a smooth paste, and patiently waiting for the mixture to curdle and transform into tofu. Mei discovers the value of patience as she eagerly awaits the final result of her efforts. It encourages children to embrace learning and creating, reminding them that some of life’s most fulfilling experiences require time and effort. This book also celebrates the importance of food and its role in connecting people and cultures.


Ruby’s Chinese New Year

Ruby'S Chinese New Year
Image Source: Joey Chou

Crafted with warmth and accompanied by captivating illustrations, this book celebrates family bonds, friendship, and the spirit of rebirth. The story revolves around Ruby, a spirited and curious young girl eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Lunar New Year. Readers are taken into the heart of the Lunar New Year celebrations. They accompany Ruby as she creates traditional crafts like ornate paper lanterns and lucky red envelopes while also learning about the profound meaning embedded within these symbolic artifacts.

According to Macmillan Publishers, Ruby’s anticipation mounts as she eagerly looks forward to the enthralling lion dance, the vibrant fireworks display, and the possibility of receiving auspicious red envelopes filled with blessings. She actively participates in the festivities alongside her friends, spreading joy and good fortune wherever she roams. It emphasizes the significance of familial ties, reverence for elders, and the spirit of rejuvenation accompanying the commencement of a new year. Accordingly, Ruby’s Chinese New Year is the Best Chinese New Year Book for Kids to Read.

What are the Best Chinese New Year Books for Kids to Read?

Chinese New Year
Image Source: The Henry Wong Team

Exploring Chinese New Year books for kids is a beautiful way to introduce young readers to this vital holiday’s rich cultural traditions and festivities. These books entertain, educate, and foster a sense of curiosity, appreciation, and respect for diverse customs and celebrations.

These stories inspire young minds to embrace the values of family, friendship, and the spirit of renewal that the Chinese New Year represents. In addition, they invite young imaginations to embark on a journey filled with joy, learning, and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Best Chinese New Year Books for Kids to Read:

  1. Ruby’s Chinese New Year
  2. Tofu Takes Time
  3. A Sweet New Year for Ren
  4. Year of the Cat
  5. Long Goes to Dragon School
  6. Playing with Lanterns
  7. Alex’s Good Fortune
  8. The Whole World Inside Nan’s Soup
  9. Chloe’s Lunar New Year
  10. Friends Are Friends Forever

These books allow children to develop a global mindset and broaden their understanding of different cultures. In addition to this, you can check out the Top 10 Asia’s Best Health News and Trends in 2023 and Top 10 Best Countries in Asia to Celebrate New Year’s Eve (Updated). Moreover, you may also like to read the Top 10 Best Feng Shui Tips and Guide to Prepare for New Year. So, you can subscribe to our Newsletter for more content like this and get your daily dose of knowledge with us.


Top 10 Best Chinese New Year Books For Kids To Read


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