Top 10 List of Most Spoken Languages in the World (Updated)

Top 10 List of Most Spoken Languages in the World (Updated)

Learning a new language is an incredibly valuable skill for both travelers and students. As a traveler, being able to speak the local language can greatly enhance your experience, as it allows you to connect with local people and better understand their culture while traveling to Best and Most Popular Places to Visit in the World.

For students, learning a new language can not only be enjoyable, but it can also help you to perform better academically while you studying in a Best and Most Popular Universities in the World, and increase your job opportunities in a globally connected world as you doing one of the Best and Highest Paying In-demand Jobs in the World. So, the World’s #1 Source of Research-Based Content, The Daily Top 10 is about to share with you a list of Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in the World.

Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
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Which languages are the finest in the ever changing world is a fascinating thought to be considered because as the world shifts, the attention of the globe moves to different languages. Universal language not only eliminates the communication barriers but also facilitates more worldwide trade and expands economic potential in the world.

So, let’s dive through the world and find out the Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in the World. But before that, check out the Top 10 Most Helpful Tips for Getting University Scholarships as a good language knowledge will also help you to win!

What is the Most Spoken Language in the World?

Fascinatingly among 7151 languages spoken worldwide, 2300 are found in Asia, and only 23 languages comprise more than half of world’s population in use today. 40% of languages are currently in danger of extinction with fewer than 1000 speakers. Nevertheless, Only two languages are spoken by more than 1 billion people worldwide. (The Ethnologue) In this article you will be learning about the Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in the World & their importance.

Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
Image Source: Pexels

According to Statistics and Data, our top 10 list has been prepared, considering the amount of both native and non-native speakers of a language. Thus, Your guess might be correct about the widely spoken language in the world. But right before jumping into the Top 1 in the list,  let’s take a look at the rest of our list now!

TOP 10: Urdu (231.3 million)

Urdu (231.3 Million), Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
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Urdu is declared as the 10th-most widely spoken language in the world, with 231.3 million overall speakers by Ethnologue 2022 Estimates. In 1947, Urdu was chosen as the official language in newly invented Pakistan and now is spoken in 2 other countries as the first language with around 70 countries and two million speakers of Urdu as mentioned in University College London.

In Spite of the fact that, being the official language in Pakistan, India has the greatest prevalence of native Urdu-speaking  population with 50.7 million & nearly 8% of population are found in Pakistan. Britain, Canada, the USA, the Middle East are the other countries where Urdu is currently spoken except India and Pakistan. 

TOP 9: Portuguese (257 million)

Portuguese (257 Million), Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
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Portuguese is spoken by nearly 257 million individuals around the world and the highest prevalence of speakers can be seen in Africa and South America.There are 13.7 million Portuguese speakers in Africa & at least 182 million Portuguese speakers in Brazil itself which belongs to South America. Moreover, Just Portugal alone has more than 10.1 million native speakers of Portuguese throughout Europe.

Thus, as stated in Statistics and Data Portuguese boasts 232.4 million first language speakers, being the Official Language in nine countries. And according to recent UNESCO estimates, Portuguese has the greatest potential for development as an international language in southern Africa and South America. By 2050, the population of the Portuguese-speaking nations in Africa is estimated to be 83 million and 335 million will speak Portuguese globally as a language.

TOP 8: Russian (258.2 million)

Russian (258.2 Million), Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
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Russian boasts 258.2 million global speakers which is around 3.4% of the world’s population, making Russian one of the most-spoken languages in the world.

This is the official language of four countries and is one of the United Nations’. And also, the individuals in 16 countries claim Russian as their native language. 

As a result of this, approximately 154 million people speak Russian as a first language.

Basically, it is spoken mostly in many countries which were formerly part of the Soviet Union. According to New World Encyclopaedia, between 60 and 70 percent of the knowledge posted worldwide is done so in English and Russian. More importantly, Russian is an essential component of global communications networks including broadcasts, air- and space communication & more.

TOP 7: Bengali (272.7 million)

Bengali (272.7 Million), Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
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As stated in Beyond Exclamation, a UNESCO evaluation found that Bengali is the world’s sweetest speech, followed by Spanish and Dutch. Although Bengali is only spoken as a native language in a few different countries, mostly in Bangladesh and India, this language has a total of 272.7 million global speakers and 233.7 million native speakers.

However, Significant Bengali-speaking communities can also be found in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States as well. The Bengalis, often known as the Bongs, are known for their cherished love of literature and language and see language as a crucial component of one’s identity.

TOP 6: Modern Standard Arabic (274.0 million)

Modern Standard Arabic (274.0 Million), Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
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Sixth most frequently spoken international language is Modern Standard Arabic with 274.0 million MSA speakers as a second language. It is the Official language in over 22 countries and one of the six official United Nation languages. All of the Middle East, North Africa, and Horn of Africa use Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) as their literary language.

According to Babble Magazine With 65 million individuals, Egypt has the highest population of speakers of Modern Standard Arabic. Meanwhile, being widely used in commerce, online communication, and tourism in Arab countries makes Arabic one of the greatest languages to learn. All three of these sectors are moving in the right direction, especially cultural influence, which is rising at the quickest rate among all internet users globally.

TOP 5: French (274.1 million)

French (274.1 Million), Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
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French has 79.9 million native speakers and 274.1 million overall French speakers worldwide. Its extensive French speaking coverage in over 21 countries, touching nearly every continent, are perhaps the strongest arguments in favor of French overtaking all other languages as the most popular in the future.

A survey done by Ledvoir suggests that, in support of the above interpretation, a surge of  the French-speaking global population is predicted by approximately 84% or more than half a billion of the 680 million by 2050. France, Being the No.1 Tourist Destination in the world must be among reasons for the ever growing French speaking population.

TOP 4: Spanish (548.3 million)

Spanish (548.3 Million), Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
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Spanish is famed as one of the most famous languages in the world with 548.3 million global speakers. And also with 474.7 million first language speakers, Spanish becomes the world’s second-most spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese. It is officially spoken in 20 countries & Mexico has the greatest population of native speakers.

As stated on Wikipedia, it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations & After English and Chinese, Spanish is the third most popular language on websites. Additionally It’s also one of the foreign languages that is taught around the globe, along with English and French.

Interestingly, Spanish is used by numerous international organizations, including the European Union and more. As stated on Verbalicity , calculations suggest that the U.S. will have the most Spanish speakers in the world by 2050 as a result of its booming spanish-speaking population.

TOP 3: Hindi (602.2 million)

Hindi (602.2 Million), Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
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India has a fantastically diversified linguistic population with 23 official languages. Among them, Hindi is the most frequently used language, with 343.9 million native speakers and an additional 274 million speakers as a second or third language. According to Statistics and Data, Hindi becomes the third most spoken language globally with an overall 602.2 million speakers.

Moreover, Hindi is also notably spoken in countries like South Africa, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Yemen, and Uganda. It has spreaded out to the world as a result of migration of Indians in large numbers to other countries. The enormous expansion and innovative potential of India has strengthened the relevance of Hindi as an international language. Thus, Hindi shows no signs of dropping down and is worth learning for the future.

TOP 2: Mandarin Chinese (1.118 billion)

Mandarin Chinese (1.118 Billion), Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
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Mandarin Chinese has 1.118 billion speakers globally. As a result of China’s vast population, Mandarin Chinese has the greatest global speaker population When only first language speakers are considered and it is 929 million. It is also considered the oldest language in the world with at least 6000 years of history.

As mentioned in World Data Info, Chinese is  the official language of Hong Kong, China, Macao, Taiwan, and Singapore as well as spoken by a part of the population in 20 different nations. China’s booming economy may result in boosting Non native Chinese speakers further. This will significantly affect the business partnerships and Countries may decide to choose Mandarin as a better option for going forward.

TOP 1: English (1.452 billion)

English (1.452 Billion), Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
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English is the Most Spoken Language in the World when both native & non native language speakers are taken into account. This is a result of both the growth of American culture and the British Empire’s colonial influence. While there are only 372.9 million native english speakers, the number of non native speakers is calculated as 1.452 billion globally.

Being the official language of economically powerful countries, English is spoken in 146 countries including the farthest countries like Africa as well as Asian countries. Further, English is a language which adapts itself with the advancement of technology by expanding its large-scale vocabulary and no need to mention its polite and decent accent attracts more non-native speakers than any other language. However, English & Mandarin Chinese are the only two languages that exceed 1 billion of speakers around the world.

What are the Most Spoken Languages in the World?

A language’s popularity can mainly be influenced by various factors including its native, non native speaker population, internet usage, migration and possibly, by how much it contributes to the economic, political and educational sectors. Thankfully, the undeniable benefits of languages, such as communicating with locals when traveling, securing valuable career opportunities and mastering higher education, allow us to experience the world with confidence. Whether it’s the melodic tones of Spanish, the subtle intricacies of Mandarin, or the rhythmic pacing of English, mastering these top tongues will open doors to new cultures and opportunities.

Meanwhile, English is still the most widely spoken language in the world. Additionally, check out the Most Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers  as knowledge of Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in the World would be a good qualification for you.

Top 10 List Of Most Spoken Languages In The World
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For your convenience, Here are the Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in the World:

  1. English (1.452 billion)
  1. Mandarin Chinese (1.118 billion)
  1. Hindi (602.2 million )
  1. Spanish (548.3 million )
  1. French (274.1 million )
  1. Modern Standard Arabic (274.0 million )
  1. Bengali (272.7 million)
  1. Russian (258.2 million )
  1. Portuguese (257 million )
  1. Urdu ( 231.3 million)

As the world gets increasingly connected, communication between different ethnicities for a variety of purposes plays a significant role. Herein, the language serves as the foundation for social interaction and existence. If You are someone who is in search of the world’s trending languages to learn and update your profile by being multilingual, our list may be worth it for you. So, learn one of the best languages that The Daily Top 10 shared with you today and explore the world with confidence.

Furthermore, don’t miss our recently shared Education-Work-Facts articles like Top 10 Reasons Why We Celebrate National Periodic Table Day, Top 10 Best and Highest Paying In-demand Jobs in Australia and Top 10 Best Scholarships in Australia for International Students. So, what do you feel about this article? Write your comments below. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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