Top 10 Most Controversial Celebrities in India (2022)

The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities in India (2022)

Brought to you by the World’s #1 Source of Research-Based Content, The Daily Top 10, we are here to share with you today the Top 10 Most Controversial Celebrities in India in 2022. Of course, this includes the biggest controversies in Bollywood.

The lives of media celebrities are mostly not very private. And most people try to dig into their lives while often coming up with plenty of controversial topics. Often, these topics are about celebrities’ love life, domestic abuse to drug use. Most of the time, those do not end on a good note or behavior.

Who is India’s Most Controversial Celebrity in 2022?

The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities In India (2022)
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As the year is coming to an end, with many dramas as well as controversial news and topics, Bollywood was no different. So, before we reveal the most controversial celebrity in India in 2022, let’s have a look at the complete list below:

TOP 10: Indra Kumar

Indra Kumar, The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities In India (2022)
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Indra Kumar is an Indian film director and producer surrounded by many controversies due to his film directed “Thank God.” It is stated that his movie has hurt the sentiments of people in a religious sense.

However, according to Ten News Network, Indra Kumar claims that the movie does not depict any religion or focus on any religion. Nevertheless, he also has become one of the controversial characters due to his movie and can be named one of the most controversial celebrities in India in the year 2022.

TOP 9: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities In India (2022)
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Kangana Amardeep Ranaut is an Indian actress and filmmaker. She has been facing many controversies over the past years. Recently, she has been controversial, and an FIR was filed for her remarks against Sikhs. She has compared farmers’ protests to the Khalistani Movement, which surrounded her by controversy again and continued.

As the Times of India stated, Kangana Ranaut is one of those celebrities in Bollywood whose controversy lasted for multiple years, and for multiple reasons.

TOP 8: Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez, The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities In India (2022)
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Jacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan beauty pageant winner who is now a popular Bollywood actress and celebrity in India. According to the Times of India, her relationship with Sukesh Chandrasekhar, who is a 32-year-old man accused of extortion by several people and generally known as a “conman” by the authorities, aroused controversy around Jacqueline Fernandez.

Sukesh was accused of extortion of a business family of 2 billion rupees. And by that time, Jacquelin Fernandez also has received lavish gifts from him, such as bags, clothes, and jewelry, leading her to suspect the connection with Sukesh. This case made her one of the most controversial celebrities in India; as per a new report by Bollywood Life, many Bollywood stars have distanced themselves from Jacqueline Fernandez because of her latest controversy.

TOP 7: Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh, The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities In India (2022)
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Ranveer Singh is an Indian actor who is married to one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood, Deepika Padukone. Ranveer Singh recently participated in a nude photoshoot surrounded by controversy. A complaint has been made stating that the actor is hurting the sentiment of women in general and insulting their modesty through photographs, states NDTV.

He was questioned by the police, who stated that one of his photos was tampered with and edited. The media news has registered as one of the most controversial news in Mumbai. Undoubtedly, Ranveer Singh has become one of India’s most controversial celebrities this year, and thus he is in the 8th spot of our 2022 list.

TOP 6: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities In India (2022)
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Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is a world-famous Indian actor, film director, and producer of Hindi films. Recently he has been embroiled in a controversy. The actor recently participated in a bank TV commercial and played a role in changing Hindu marriage rituals.

According to Koimoi, he received plenty of backlash from people soon after it aired due to the Hindu tradition and reversing it. Since religion has a sentimental value, unfortunately, Amir Khan had to face the consequences of it throughout the year.

TOP 5: Salman Khan

Salman Khan, The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities In India (2022)
Image Source: Bollywood Hungama

Salman Khan is one of the biggest Bollywood stars and is known as the ‘King of Controversies.’ He has made plenty of controversies up until now. Being one of the biggest celebrities in Bollywood, his relationships are almost always grabbed by the public eye. This includes his relationship with Aishwarya Rai back in 1999; where after some years of dating, the couple split up on bad terms in 2002.

According to the Times of India, Aishwarya Rai has accused Salman Khan of domestic abuse and infidelity. And later on, it also made headlines in many more cases. Salman Khan was issued a license for self-protection after receiving threats recently. Despite the actor’s controversies, his acting career remains unmoved and has always progressed in India.

He is also named one of the most controversial actors in the Desiblitz and is also in the 5th spot of our top 10 list of the most controversial celebrities in India in 2022.

TOP 4: Bharti Singh

Bharti Singh, The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities In India (2022)
Image Source: Hindustani Times

Bharti Singh is an Indian comedian and also a television personality. She has hosted various award shows and also has created many comedy shows. Recently, she and her husband, Haarsh Limbachiyaa, were arrested for allegedly possessing and consuming a banned drug, Marijuana. According to the India TV News, a commercial quantity of the drug has been recovered from their house. They were raided on November 21, 2022 (Monday), by The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

It has also been one of the year’s most controversial news. Bharti Singh became one of the most controversial Indian celebrities in 2022 due to the drug case, making her name in other trending Bollywood celebrity lists.

TOP 3: Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt

Ranbir Kapoor &Amp; Alia Bhatt, The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities In India (2022)
Image Source: Pink Villa

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are one of the hottest couples in the Bollywood industry. In a hush-hush wedding ceremony, they stunned the nation by tying the knot on April 14, 2022 (Thursday). And within two months of marriage, Alia and Ranbir announced the pregnancy news on June 27, 2022 (Monday). On November 6 (Sunday) of the same year, Alia gave birth to a baby girl in a hospital in Mumbai, India.

However, a section of people is mercilessly trolling the couple for welcoming a child within seven months of their marriage. Social media is filled with memes, targeting the couple with nasty comments, making Alia Bhatt the most controversial actress in Bollywood in 2022.

TOP 2: Siddhanth Kapoor

Siddhanth Kapoor, The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities In India (2022)
Image Source: Stars Unfolded

Siddhanth Kapoor is an Indian actor who also works as an assistant director in Bollywood firms. He is the son of the actor Shakti Kapoor and the brother of Shraddha Kapoor, a Bollywood actress. Siddhanth was born in 1984 and is a popular figure in India. He has been a controversial celebrity due to his recent case of drug abuse.

According to India News TV, 5 people, including Siddhanth Kapoor, were recently arrested for drug consumption during a party at the Bengaluru Hotel. Also, with information coming from other news outlets in India, police have seized the mobile phones of Siddhanth and the other 4 accused before sending them for data retrieval. Later, Siddhanth Kapoor was released on bail.

TOP 1: Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan, The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities In India (2022)
Image Source: Stars Unfolded

Amitabh Bachchan is an Indian actor, film producer, and television host. He is regarded as one of the most successful and influential Indian celebrities and has become our top most controversial actor in Bollywood.

According to Indian Express, a Slumdog Millionaire film was aired with Amitabh Bachchan starring. People see its portrayal as offensive to India, showing it as a land of squalor and poverty. Soon Amitabh Bachchan was caught in the middle of the controversy, and it is stated that he apologized. As mentioned on many other media sites and outlets, Amitabh Bachchan is still regarded as India’s top most controversial celebrity in 2022.

Who are the Most Controversial Celebrities in India?

The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities In India (2022)
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The year has been full of controversies, and the never-ending saga continues. For your quick reference, below is the complete list of India’s Top 10 Most Controversial Celebrities in 2022.

  1. Amitabh Bachchan
  2. Siddhanth Kapoor
  3. Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt
  4. Bharti Singh
  5. Salman Khan
  6. Aamir Khan
  7. Ranveer Singh
  8. Jacqueline Fernandez
  9. Kangana Ranaut
  10. Indra Kumar

In some cases, you may feel genuine sympathy, and others may not believe that these Bollywood stars just let themselves get into such sticky situations. Either way, these Bollywood celebrities still made the biggest headlines in 2022.

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