Top 10 Best Festivals & Celebrations to Visit Every December

Top 10 Best Festivals & Celebrations to Visit Every December

New festivals that are taking place all over the world are primarily celebrated in December. To learn about the cultures and arts of the world, you should attend various festivals. We will cherish the many lifestyles by remembering the food, customs, cultures, and way of life of others. Today, we share the Top 10 Best Festivals & Celebrations to Visit Every December, you must know.

Top 10 Best Festivals &Amp; Celebrations To Visit Every December
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As several countries chose December to celebrate the best festivals in the world due to the abundance of vacations, this month is fantastic for experiencing various celebrations. Festivals are essentially programs where individuals participate in various cultural and traditional events following their lifestyles. They occasionally party, dance, listen to amazing music and unwind. People rejoice all throughout the world.

There are a lot of festivals and celebrations in December; here is a list of some of the largest ones around the world:

TOP 10: Christmas Day

Top 10 Best Festivals &Amp; Celebrations To Visit Every December
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(December 25) The Christian calendar is majorly marked with the birthday of Jesus. Christmas is celebrated across the globe. The Christmas season is a time for celebration and joy. There is no shortage of events, activities, and events happening during this time of the year.

The Christmas season is a festive time of the year that is celebrated by many cultures all around the world. It’s a time for family gatherings, celebrations, and parties. Many Christians visit the church, especially on this day. And everyone waits for Santa, especially children waiting for him to receive gifts.

TOP 9: Winter Festival of Lights

Top 10 Best Festivals &Amp; Celebrations To Visit Every December
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(November 13 – February 20) Between November and February each year, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, celebrates this occasion. The most magnificent winter event starts in the month of November.  This can be enjoyed all winter long because it lasts for three months. The festival honors the Christmas season by showcasing lit lights that seem entrancing and wonderful while drawing crowds.

The festival is completely free to enter. However, donations are always welcome. It is the finest site to witness the spectacular festival since the lit light display art is so adorable and includes family events like entertainment, free hot chocolate, Christmas parades, light displays at waterfalls, and more.

TOP 8: New Year’s Eve

Top 10 Best Festivals &Amp; Celebrations To Visit Every December
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(December 31) Most nations usually commemorate in the evening when there is a tradition of dancing, drinking, music, feasting, and fireworks. These festivities last from New Year’s Eve till the early hours. Every nation has a different tradition for ringing in the new year in accordance with its distinctive culture, such as the Chileans who celebrate in cemeteries rather than churches. White flowers are thrown into the ocean in Brazil to charm the water and bring in the new year.

To celebrate, it is common in Denmark to fling plates at your neighbor’s and friends’ front doors. Italian women wear red underwear because the color represents fecundity. In Turkey, they have another different culture that they sprinkle salt on the people when click.

The art of celebrating the new year is very different in every country. You will if you experience all cultural styles. In Turkey, there is a distinct culture where people are sprinkled with salt as they click. Every country has a very distinct new year’s tradition. If you are exposed to all cultural practices, you will.

TOP 7: Lightopia Festival

Top 10 Best Festivals &Amp; Celebrations To Visit Every December
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(November 24 – January 2) It is the best event of the winter and is usually observed in England’s capital city of London from November to January. There are various events to enjoy in the winter, such as Christmas and the Lightopia festival, which makes London more interactive by using luminous plants or animals. If you want to enjoy the breathtaking illumination during this festival, you can also go to Manchester or Alton Towers.

Every year, they showcase butterflies, phoenixes, and a variety of other animals as part of their cultural celebrations, which are evolving and becoming more beautiful. It is regarded as the world’s top art festival. Many tourists that attend this festival consider it to be the best of all.

TOP 6: Hogmanay Festival

Top 10 Best Festivals &Amp; Celebrations To Visit Every December
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(December 31) It is observed in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their custom is to ring in the new year with wild celebrations known as Hogmanay, a Scottish term for the final day of the previous year. There are many different ways to celebrate the New Year, but one of the most well-known is called “first footing,” where the first person to walk through your door when the clock strikes twelve will bring you luck for the next year.

There are also other celebrations, such as the torchlight procession, which has fantastic fireworks show on Edinburgh Castle and looks absolutely breathtaking. Everybody should come to this place and take part in this festival once in their lifetime because it is a really special cultural event.

TOP 5: Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Top 10 Best Festivals &Amp; Celebrations To Visit Every December
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(December 23 – February 8) In Harbin, China, it is observed from December to January. This is the world’s most entertaining and creative event, and it looks and sounds stunning. They have elaborate sculptures of humans, animals, and other creatures in this, along with a big ice-skating rink.

The lights shine on the ice at night, transforming it into a colorful avatar and a winter wonderland. They offer a lot of ice skating and slide activities. This is the most stunning cultural lifestyle that all visitors find pleasurable. People who travel here from other nations would undoubtedly want to return.

TOP 4: Feria De Cali

Top 10 Best Festivals &Amp; Celebrations To Visit Every December
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(December 25-30) It is observed in Cali, Colombia. For those who are interested in the arts and culture, it has been held annually in December since 1957 and is one of the largest salsa festivals in the world.

At this festival, you can watch the liveliest dancers, vibrant costumes, and some of the best salsa dancing ever performed in Colombia. Numerous dancers perform the popular Canelo-style salsa. It is the most well-known festival in the world where art and culture are entirely updated, creating an incredible event that everyone can enjoy.

TOP 3: Woodford Folk Festival

Top 10 Best Festivals &Amp; Celebrations To Visit Every December
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(December 27 – January 1) It is observed every year at Wordford, Queen Island, Australia, from December 27 to January 1. The Woodford music and arts festival, which takes place annually on Queen Island in Australia, lasts six days. Established in 1986, this festival has grown to be one of the biggest cultural events.

Woodford Folk Festival features 2000 performers, 400 events, and a wide variety of musical, theatrical, and dance performances. Everyone attends this festival and is interested in the events; there are also numerous art exhibitions and workshops. Because their way of life is so distinct from others, everyone should once in a lifetime.

TOP 2: Dickens Festival

Top 10 Best Festivals &Amp; Celebrations To Visit Every December
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(November 30 – December 3) The weekend before Christmas is dedicated to it in Deventer, Netherlands. East of the Netherlands is where Deventer is located. You get the impression that you are in a Charlie Dickens book at this festival. Even if they are completely overwhelmed by this festival, people from different countries adore their way of life and culture.

In the production, where everyone seems to be playing the part of Christmas, the performers perform admirably. The parts of Scrooge, Queen Victoria, carol singers, and Oliver Twist are played by more than 980 actors. Everyone will like the experience and rate it as the best festival because there are no admission prices and the show lasts for two to three hours.

TOP 1: Amsterdam Light Festival

Top 10 Best Festivals &Amp; Celebrations To Visit Every December
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(December 1 – January 22) In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, it is observed for roughly two months, from December to January. The Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam, is a stunning location to visit. Numerous local, national, and international artists come together to create beautiful light shows at the annual Amsterdam Light Festival.

For the purpose of assisting visitors in discovering the art, they provide a map that shows the network’s course. Their location is also accessible via boat canal. You have the cheapest small boat choice at €26.50. For a nice boat, this entire sum is €70. For the comfort of those watching, it is set up in afternoon or evening lights so they can be seen. Amsterdam Light Festival is the Best Festival and Celebration to Visit every December.

What are the Best Festivals and Celebrations every December?

Some individuals enjoy the new year, the full moon, and art. You should do so if you enjoy exploring new places and learning new things. If you dislike crowds and outdoor activities, this is not the right place for you.

Most people appreciate these festivals worldwide, so everyone should go to one for the beautiful memories and education. Since there are many various types of individuals and religious groups living all over the world, this is also a fantastic way for our people to learn more about one another.

Here’s a quick look at our top 10 list of Best Festivals and Celebrations to Visit every December:

  1. Amsterdam Light Festival
  2. Dickens Festival
  3. Woodford Folk Festival
  4. Feria De Cali
  5. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
  6. Hogmanay Festival
  7. Lightopia Festival
  8. New Year’s Eve
  9. Winter Festival of Lights
  10. Christmas Day

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