Top 10 List of Richest Women in Asia (Updated)

Top 10 List of Richest Women in Asia (Updated)

It’s interesting to see who the richest people in Asia are at any given moment and since that’s a list still dominated by men, it’s even more interesting to see which women have the highest net worth in Asia right now.

Looking through the Asian women with the biggest fortunes this year, our jaws dropped at their net worth and yours will probably drop too. So, today we thought to share with you the list of the Top 10 Richest Women in Asia from the World’s #1 Source Of Research Based Content, The Daily Top 10.

Who Is The Wealthiest Asian Woman in 2022?

Top 10 List Of Richest Women In Asia (2022)
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According to the statistics estimated in Statista, there are 2,325 billionaires total in the world, and over 12 percent of them are women. Among these 12 percent who could be the wealthiest woman in Asia?

The Top 10 Richest Women from Asia consist of businesswomen to self-made billionaires, from real estate developers to even inventors. Many are CEOs or chairpersons of their own companies, quickly becoming the top player in their respective industries.

As of now, keep reading the article to find out who are the top 10 richest females in Asia as of 2022.

TOP 10: Lam Wai Ying ($4.3 billion)

Lam Wai Ying ($4.3 Billion), Top 10 List Of Richest Women In Asia (2022)
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We have Lam Wai Ying from China. According to Forbes, she is a businesswoman, the chair and co-founder of Biel Crystal Manufactory. She is also one of the major shareholders of the company. Biel supplies smartphone touch screens to Apple as well as Samsung. She is married to Yeung Kin-man and currently resides in Hong – Kong.

TOP 9: Zhou Qunfei ($5.1 billion)

Zhou Qunfei ($5.1 Billion), Top 10 List Of Richest Women In Asia (2022)
Image Source: Celebrity Net Worth

Zhou Qunfei is a Chinese entrepreneur, self-made billionaire, and businesswoman who founded the major touchscreen maker, Lens Technology. As Lam Wai Ying states she faced numerous setbacks while building her empire, she has made it and also became one of the richest women in China as reported in Forbes. She is married to Zheng Junlong.

TOP 8: Fan Hongwei ($5.22 billion)

Fan Hongwei ($5.22 Billion), Top 10 List Of Richest Women In Asia (2022)
Image Source: China Daily

Hongwei is a Chinese entrepreneur and billionaire who is the chair and CEO of Hengli Petrochemical. She was also listed as one of the ten richest women in China three times: she was ranked fifth in 2018, fourth in 2019, and seventh in 2020 by China Daily. She is married to Chen Jianhua.

TOP 7: Wang Laichun ($7.7 billion)

Wang Laichun ($7.7 Billion), Top 10 List Of Richest Women In Asia (2022)
Image Source: China Daily

Wang Laichun is a self-made billionaire, chairwoman, and co-founder of the electronics manufacturer, Luxshare Precision, in China. Before buying Luxshare Precision with her brother, Wang Laisheng , she worked for a company named Hon Hai Precision Industry for 10 years. According to Bloomberg Billionaires, she was one of the world’s youngest self-made women billionaires. She is a fine example of a hard-working woman.

TOP 6: Zhong Huijuan ($7.90 billion)

Zhong Huijuan ($7.90 Billion), Top 10 List Of Richest Women In Asia (2022)
Image Source: Twitter

Zhong is the founder, CEO, and chairperson of Hansoh Pharmaceuticals which produces various kinds of drugs. Zhong is also the majority shareholder of the company. Owing to COVID -19 pandemic, her business has significantly grown over recent past years. In 2022, she was the world’s 9th richest woman according to Forbes, as well as the 20th richest person in China according to Hurun.

TOP 5: Wu Yajun ($9.5 billion)

Wu Yajun ($9.5 Billion), Top 10 List Of Richest Women In Asia (2022)
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Wu Yajun is also a Chinese billionaire and a businesswoman who was at one time the world’s richest self-made woman. She is a co-founder and chairwoman of Longfor Properties. She has also made investments in companies including Evernote and Uber.  She ranked 42 on China’s Rich List and 119 in Billionaires in Forbes.

TOP 4: Yang Huiyan ($10.1 billion)

Yang Huiyan ($10.1 Billion), Top 10 List Of Richest Women In Asia (2022)
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Yang Huiyan is a Chinese billionaire, businesswoman, and real estate developer from China. She is the chairperson of Country Garden Holdings and also the majority shareholder of the company.  She previously owned the title of The Richest Woman in Asia according to Bloomberg Billionaires. But her wealth fell to $11 billion from nearly $24 billion this year, owing to China’s escalating property crisis according to Money Control.

TOP 3: Kwong Siu-hing ($12.4 billion)

Kwong Siu-Hing ($12.4 Billion), Top 10 List Of Richest Women In Asia (2022)
Image Source: Tatler Asia

Kwong Siu-hing is the head of the Kwok family. She is the former chairperson of  Sun Hung Kai Properties, the largest property developer in Hong Kong. In addition to that Kwong is the widow of Kwok Tak-Seng, the founder of Sun Hung Kai Properties and she has three sons according to Forbes.

TOP 2: Lu Zhongfang ($12.5 billion)

Lu Zhongfang ($12.5 Billion), Top 10 List Of Richest Women In Asia (2022)
Image Source: China Daily

Lu Zhongfang is another self-made billionaire businesswoman from China and chairman of Offcn Education Technology. Offcn Education Technology provides training for the civil service exam. Lu Zhongfang is the largest shareholder of Offcn Education Technology which makes her one of the wealthiest women in Asia.

TOP 1: Savitri Jindal ($17.5 billion)

Savitri Jindal ($17.5 Billion), Top 10 List Of Richest Women In Asia (2022)
Image Source: India Times

Topper of the list of Top 10 Richest Women in Asia is Savitri Devi Jindal who is a businesswoman and politician. According to Forbes, she is also India’s wealthiest woman and controls the O.P. Jindal Group since her husband’s departure. Savitri Jindal has been repeatedly ranked as India’s richest woman by Forbes in recent years.

She is the world’s seventh-richest mother and continues the charity work her husband started. According to Wikipedia, she was awarded Acharya Tulsi Kartritva Puraskar in 2008. Furthermore, Savithri was the only billionaire outside East Asia to feature on this List.

Are You Impressed By The Richest Asian Women In 2022?

Top 10 List Of Richest Women In Asia (2022)
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Being a woman is no easy task as they are the back of the family and ultimately the pillar of strength behind the society yet they seem to have successfully overcome this challenge as the powerful women they are. But, these statistics might change in the future as the world’s economy rapidly changes every passing minute. We also hope this article serves you as a motivation to become rich yourself.

Here is the list again for you to reevaluate, the 10 richest females in Asia, and the top 1 is Savitri Jindal from India. Quite interestingly, the majority of the list comes from China.

Top 1:  Savitri Jindal               $17.5 billion

Top 2: Lu Zhongfang              $12.5 billion

Top 3: Kwong Siu-hing           $12.4 billion

Top 4: Yang Huiyan                $10.1 billion

Top 5: Wu Yajun                     $8.9 billion

Top 6: Zhong Huijuan             $7.90 billion

Top 7: Wang Laichun.             $7.7 billion

Top 8: Fan Hongwei               $5.22 billion

Top 9: Zhou Qunfei                 $5.1 billion

Top 10: Lam Wai Ying.           $4.3 billion

Finally, we want to say anyone can gain money and anyone can be rich. What made these women hit these top spots is that they knew how to use it, invest, and expand their wealth in multiple ventures. So, if you’re curious to know the Top 10 List of Richest People in Asia and Top 10 List of Richest People in the World we have the list for you. Enjoy!

Please let us know what other topics you are interested in, as a comment and we will get them to you!

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