Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses (Updated)


Community management is vital to any organization that builds and maintains customer or stakeholder relationships. That’s why the World’s #1 Source of Research-Based Content, The Daily Top 10, compiled the list of Top 10 Predictions about Community Management in Future earlier. Still, we are moving further by guiding you about the best and most popular courses to learn about community management. We will bring you a list of the Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses with different related details.

Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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Communication management plays a vital role in society by fostering engagement, trust, and collaboration among individuals and groups. Effective community management is crucial for creating and maintaining a sense of belonging, leading to increased social cohesion and positive community outcomes. Through community management, individuals can come together to solve problems and share knowledge to work towards common goals. In addition, it helps to amplify voices that may have otherwise gone unheard by providing a platform for marginalized groups to express their needs and perspectives.

So let’s jump into community management and learn about the Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses.

What is the Most Popular Community Management Course?

We have always worked to make people aware of the importance of Community Management. Have you read, Top 10 Reason Why We Celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day? Accordingly, in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, community management has become vital to running a successful organization. Community management requires communication, leadership, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of audience needs and behaviors. There are several courses available that provide learners with the tools and techniques that are needed to create and manage thriving communities.

Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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In this article, we will closely examine the Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses starting from the 10th course upto the Most Popular Course and explore what makes them stand out.

TOP 10: SkillShare

Skillshare, Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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If you’re new to the world of community management, the Community Management for Beginners course on SkillShare might be the ideal starting point for you. This course provides learners with a hands-on opportunity to build and manage an Instagram handle. At USD 32 SkillShare subscription fee per month, it is an excellent option for those looking to learn new skills on a low budget. Moreover, purchasing a SkillShare subscription also provides access to other great course content, which can supplement your learning.

One of the biggest reasons for this SkillShare Community Management course to be on the list of top 10 courses is that it’s a short course with several modules, which makes it easy to understand for beginners. The course provides learners with practical knowledge and experience. It would also allow them to develop their skills and help them build their portfolio. However, it’s important to note that this course focuses solely on Instagram, which makes it unhelpful for those looking to build knowledge for other community channels.

TOP 9: Networking and Engagement on Twitter

Networking And Engagement On Twitter, Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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Hubspot is a great resource for those looking to improve their social media presence on a specific channel where their community is most active. This platform offers free courses and focuses on individual social media channels, providing users with tailored strategies and suggestions specific to a particular channel. These courses are also incredibly short, making completing multiple courses at once easy.

In addition to learning how to manage your communities on specific channels, it will also help to enhance your social media presence. According to Hubspot, if you need help finding the right social media platform to focus your marketing efforts, Hubspot’s channel-specific courses will be an excellent opportunity for beginners, and these courses are also completely free.

TOP 8: Hootsuite

Hootsuite, Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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Hootsuite is a widely recognized name in the realm of social media management. It offers valuable insights into how to keep your social media communities and engage continuously with your brand. For USD 199, this course provides practical takeaways and actionable items to assist you in implementing effective community management practices. The course is relatively short and beginner-friendly and provides an excellent starting point for anyone seeking to enhance their social media presence.

The industry experts can provide valuable insights into your tactics that enhance the value to your communities. It is essential to note that Hootsuite’s Course only provides a formal certification upon completion. Nevertheless, the information industry leaders provide is invaluable, making this course a valuable resource.  The beginner-friendly approach would make it a perfect choice for new social media management entrants.

TOP 7: Community Management Master at Digital Marketer

Community Management Master At Digital Marketer, Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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The online course provided by Certified Community Master is tailored to help individuals become certified community specialists by focusing on establishing meaningful connections. This course comes with a price tag of USD 495 and offers students abundant supplementary resources. One of the significant advantages of this course is to emphasize actionable tactics and playbooks that can be instantly implemented. This makes it a valuable asset for those seeking to refine their community management skills.

It is to be noted that this program is not designed for beginners and necessitates prior marketing experience, according to Digital Marketer. While the cost of the course may be a limiting factor for some students, it is a rewarding investment for those who aspire to upgrade their community management proficiency. Upon successfully completing the course, the participants will be awarded a certification that can substantially enhance their employability.

TOP 6: Digital Marketing Institute’s Courses on Coursera

Digital Marketing Institute’s Courses On Coursera, Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding of community management practices. DMI offers a wide range of courses covering various aspects of digital marketing, content strategy, and social media. The cost of these courses varies, depending on which course you decide to learn. One of the significant advantages of DMI courses is that they are especially for beginners by providing an excellent opportunity for those new to community management.

According to Coursera, these DMI’s courses are self-paced and have deadlines to help learners stay on track. Moreover, the sheer volume of content may be overwhelming because these courses recommend spending four hours per week for three months to complete these courses. The certification from the well-recognized Digital Marketing Institute can also boost your chances of success in future job searches.

TOP 5: Social Listening and Community Management at Cornell

Social Listening And Community Management At Cornell, Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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The eCornell executive education program provides business leaders with high-quality courses to achieve success in their field. Community management is offered to teach digital technology applications for audience sentiment and effective community management strategies among these courses. The experienced and research-focused instructors at eCornell provide instruction for this course, which is recognized by this prestigious university.

As stated in Cornell, this will provide valuable benefits that include direct feedback from instructors. The time commitment is only 3-5 hours per week, making it an easily accessible learning opportunity. Students can also stack the course completion with other courses offered by eCornell to earn a certification. The price of this course is relatively high, and it only starts every two weeks.

TOP 4: The Community MBA at CMX Academy

The Community Mba At Cmx Academy, Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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Are you looking to improve your community management skills? This 7-section program can teach you how to use metrics to create highly engaged and targeted communities. Even if you only have basic marketing or community management experience, this program will help you succeed by developing these skills. These courses cover various topics, from developing strategies to using real-world examples.

CMX Hub mentioned that this does come at a cost of $499, which may prohibit some students who do not qualify for the scholarship. The course is also self-driven, which means that some participants may find it challenging to stay on track with their learning goals. It’s particularly useful for those looking to develop metrics-driven community management programs.

TOP 3: Social Media and Community Management for Lead Gen (Udemy)

Social Media And Community Management For Lead Gen (Udemy), Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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To enhance your community management expertise and increase conversion rates to create a steady revenue stream. According to Udemy, this program aims to educate you to develop a robust community management approach that can produce a significant return on investment. For only $20, this program is highly affordable, and udemy also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This program is perfect for non-marketers who want to understand how to manage communities efficiently. It also offers basic material in a brief and straightforward format. Furthermore, you have lifetime access to the course content, allowing you to revisit the material whenever needed to refresh your knowledge.

TOP 2: Meta Certified Community Manager Course

Meta Certified Community Manager Course, Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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Are you interested in becoming an officially certified Meta Community Manager? This duo, of course, and exam, is exactly what you’re looking for, and Meta is offering you that. For USD 150, this program will provide comprehensive training covering everything you need to know to become certified. As we noticed in Facebook, on completing your course, you will receive an official certification and gain exposure to a learning group to help you connect with other professionals.

It is to be kept in mind that this pprogram   could not be better for beginners. To fully absorb the course content, prior experience in brand management or community building is a requirement. Meta is an industry leader in creating communities and is well-respected globally.

TOP 1: Thriving Communities

Thriving Communities, Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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If you’re an educator, coach, mentor, or community leader, this course might be a great match for you. Aside from being free, this program also offers access to additional content, such as a Community Checklist, the Community Builder’s Toolkit, and a Swipe Copy File to assist your community management in a better way

Training mentioned that it was created specifically for course creators by course creators. It is intended to unite students and teach them how to establish robust communities. For these reasons, we have included Thriving Community Course as the Most Popular Community Management Course. Considering that this course does not apply to those who want to manage communities on social media or other channels outside of courses, you should keep that in mind before applying. There is also no certification provided upon completion, making it unsuitable for those looking for official credentials.

What are the Most Popular Community Management Course?

Community management is a critical aspect of modern businesses and organizations. There are a lot of community management courses available to help individuals to learn the necessary skills so that they can become effective community managers. These courses stand out as one of the most popular among learners, as they offer enough resources for a person to be a good community manager. Whether you’re an experienced community manager or just starting, this information will be invaluable for you to decide which course best fits your requirements.

Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses
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Here is the list of the Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses:

  1. Thriving Communities
  2. Meta Certified Community Manager Course
  3. Social Media and Community Management for Lead Gen (Udemy)
  4. The Community MBA at CMX Academy
  5. Social Listening and Community Management at Cornell
  6. Digital Marketing Institute’s Courses on Coursera
  7. Community Management Master at Digital Marketer
  8. Hootsuite Engaging Your Community Course
  9. Networking And Engagement on Twitter
  10. Building an Engaged Instagram Community on SkillShare

Community management courses are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses realize the importance of building and nurturing a strong community. By investing in a community management course, you can develop the skills and knowledge to help you grow and become a better Community Manager. The Daily Top 10 Team shared with you the Top 10 Most Popular Community Management Courses.

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