Top 10 Must-Eat Foods from Around the World (Updated)

Top 10 Must-Eat Foods from Around the World (Updated)

Are you dreaming of traveling around the world? As we all know, this is not possible during these challenging times. However, here we come with something extraordinary for you. We share with you the top 10 best must-eat foods from around the world.

Make sure you try these iconic cultural foods list. Although we may not be able to travel to every country in the world, you can always try these foods from different countries in your homes, especially during these lockdown times. You can order online for ingredients to make signature foods from any of these countries.

The popularity of food changed over the year from fondue in the 1960s and quiche in the 1970s to molten chocolate cake and focaccia in the 1990s. Moreover, in the early 2010s, sliders, poke bowls, kale, and avocado toast. Nowadays, we’ve seen many countries with unique food and the rise of plant-based food with others using the usual local ingredients. You can also say it is an Instagram-friendly dish. Now, it is the time to explore the top 10 must-eat foods or dishes from around the world.

TOP 10: Biltong from South Africa

Top 10 Must-Eat Foods From Around The World
Image Source: Biltong

The “Biltong” is in 10th place in our list of the top 10 most popular food in the world. This food originates from South Africa’s Biltong. As someone said once, “The best way to celebrate the holiday is with some delicious food.”

Isn’t it time to enjoy yourself? Biltong is made from flavored, dried, and jerky meats, including beef and ostrich. It is usually eaten as a snack and is much spicier than beef with its unique and delicious taste. Most locals untie the meat strips and add casseroles or cake to them. You can also buy a variety of flavored cheeses and chips to count.

TOP 9: Chlodnik from Poland

Top 10 Must-Eat Foods From Around The World
Image Source: Foodie Advice

Chlodnik is Poland’s famous dish included in our list of top 10 must-eat foods from around the world. You should explore at least once in your life. As a famous food guru said, “You can go anywhere in the world, and people’s faces light up when they put delicious food in their month.”

This is a summer dish, Polish chlodnik, a bright pink color best for cold borscht. Seasoning it with cucumber, radish, natural yogurt, and boiled eggs makes it a truly healthy and tasty dish. When you see the beautiful pink texture of this food, for sure, you cannot resist tasting this dish.

TOP 8: B’stilla (Pastilla) from Morocco

Top 10 Must-Eat Foods From Around The World
Image Source: Cooking the Globe

In 8th place, Morocco’s best food, B’stilla (Pastilla), is also one of the most famous dishes around the world. Nevertheless, there are different names for this food with slight changes in different parts of the world. However, no one will ever meet the taste of the original Pastilla. The fantastic traditional ingredient in this slightly sweet pie is the pigeon, but now chicken, quail, or Cornish game chicken are also used in that place. It contains toffee sugar and cinnamon, which makes this dish sweet, salty, aromatic, and meaty as well at the same time.

TOP 7: Ramen from Japan

Top 10 Must-Eat Foods From Around The World
Image Source: Eats Official

Ramen noodles don’t come out of a Styrofoam cup in Japan. Ramen noodles are among the top 10 foods on our list to try, which you can absolutely cook from home. Japanese ramen is Chinese-style noodles in soy sauce or broth flavored with miso. Each region of Japan has its selection, and there are a variety of ingredients, from boiled eggs to corn.

TOP 6: Deep-Fried Olives from Italy

Top 10 Must-Eat Foods From Around The World
Image Source: Hey Food App

The top 10 must-eat food list worldwide would never be completed without Italy’s deep-fried olives. When discussing this iconic Italian cuisine, the first food that comes to mind is pasta or pizza. However, there is something more than this. You should try to look for grilled olives when you visit. It is a native dish of the southern region of Ascoli. There are several varieties, from stuffed ham to ground beef, from street vendors to local restaurants.

Filled with beef, chicken, vegetables, garlic, and crazy stuffed cheese, these meaty stones are perfect for serving as a plate of snack or appetizer to a cocktail, negroni, or syringe (quite famous in Italy). When there is a family get-together for a special occasion, it is customary to serve stuffed Italian olives. They are plump enough to catch your attention until the dinner is served.

TOP 5: Goulash from Hungary

Top 10 Must-Eat Foods From Around The World
Image Source: Hamilton Beach

Hungary’s famous food, Goulash, is also included in the top 10 must-eat food worldwide. Goulash literally means “Herdsman,” which means “shepherd” because they cook a meal and constantly graze cattle in demanding conditions. However, this perishable stew became of rich red color only after the Turkish red pepper invasion and its entry into the country in the 16th century. If you are visiting Hungary in September, check out the annual Szolnok Goulash Festival. You will never forget the taste of this mouth-watering dish.

TOP 4: Poutine from Canada

Top 10 Must-Eat Foods From Around The World
Image Source: Seasons and Suppers

In the 4th place is Canada’s Poutine. Salsa, chips, and cottage cheese: who does not like Poutine? Until now, this delicious concoction is also available in the USA and other parts of the world. Or, you should try this when visiting Canada. Some restaurants have more than a small change, so there is something for everyone. The foodies are mainly going to love this food.

TOP 3: Moules Frites from Belgium

Top 10 Must-Eat Foods From Around The World
Image Source: Flavorverse

In Belgium, mussels and fries are as common as burgers and fries in the US. Try ordering plain, steamed mussels or with some extra flavor like curry powder. Belgian’s national dish is Moules Frites, an inexpensive and satisfying food. They were initially thought of as food for the poor and have been paired with French donuts and Dutch fripperies for a long time. Frites at the country’s famous deep-fried shops are known as the Belgian flamingos.

After World War I, the number of deep fryers and the popularity of Moules Frites grew rapidly. The fries were exemplary – crispy. A little salty Moules Frites are often found in the town’s quirky neighborhoods, such as the bistros and restaurants. That’s why it is third in our list of top 10 must-eat foods worldwide.

TOP 2: Meat Pie from Australia

Top 10 Must-Eat Foods From Around The World
Image Source: The Guardian

Australians absolutely love meat pies; they eat, drink, or enjoy millions of pastries in cafes every year. They eat hot or cold sliced ketchup like locals. If everyone thinks there will be no cake for lunch, Australia will have no winter weekend. Also, there is no cookbook for any restaurant without the latest chicken pie recipes. There is not even a single ride that does not stop for a cake or a Footy Aussie Rule game, that vegetarian Pavlovas purchasing the ubiquitous meatball brand cellophane.

TOP 1: Apfelstrudel from Austria

Top 10 Must-Eat Foods From Around The World
Image Source: Gusto

To top our list of top 10 must-eat foods from around the world that you can actually cook from home is Apfelstrudel from Austria.

The Apfelstrudel, or Viennese apple strudel, is a close cousin to classic American apple pie. Tart apple is paired with sweet pastry dough for a delicious combination. Austrians love eating it with their afternoon coffee. Some clichés are clichés for a reason. This is definitely one of them. When you think of Apple Strudel as a place where Viennese cuisine is almost exciting, you may wonder why a tourist returning from Vienna is talking about this delight.

What are the Top 10 Most Popular Foods in the World?

During these dire times, most of us may probably be craving to eat anything. As it may be impossible to eat any of the most popular food in each country, we can always take after writing about such must-eat foods. So, below is the top 10 research-based list for your quick reference:

  1. Apfelstrudel from Austria
  2. Meat Pie from Australia
  3. Moules Frites from Belgium
  4. Poutine from Canada
  5. Goulash from Hungary
  6. Deep-Fried Olives from Italy
  7. Ramen from Japan
  8. B’stilla (Pastilla) from Morocco
  9. Chlodnik from Poland
  10. Biltong from South Africa

Yummy! Don’t forget to tell us in our comments section how much you like this article. Furthermore, you may also like to read our health and lifestyle-related articles, including the Top 10 Leading Causes of Death in the USA and the Top 10 World’s Best Fitness Trends to Know in 2021.

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